Who Is Minnie Murphy? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Minnie Murphy? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


The Beginning:

Some people are just born to be in the industry, and Minnie Murphy is one of those artists. A singer-songwriter with music in her veins, Murphy knows how to craft a lyric and a good song. She shares with Country Swag all about her journey thus far.

“I was born in California but we moved to Washington state when I was a baby,” begins the songstress. At an early age, Murphy recalls her parents playing music professionally. “I just kind of grew up around it and my parents played four nights a week. […] That whole lifestyle is what I’ve always known.”

She credits her parents as early influences on her musical interests. Murphy’s musical inspirations run the gamut of genres. She loves classic rock, country, and even Jazz music. “I’ve just kind of soaked it all in. I love R&B and Jazz singers, that probably might be my first love,” she shared. “The vocalists, the real Jazzy singers that do a lot of improv and scatting, but country music has always been a part of me. I love the values instilled in it and I love Nashville.”

At ten years old, Murphy learned how to play piano, which eventually led to her songwriting too.“Once I learned that basic theory, I started writing songs,” she shared, adding later, “In high school, my dad and I would come to Nashville and do co-writing with other writers in town. We put together a 5 song demo and pitched it to some labels.” This led to a series of adventures in Nashville for the singer.

The Turning Point:

Fresh out of high school, Murphy landed a record deal with SONY. Unfortunately, the singer never released music, under the label, due to a merger that left her without a label. Not one to give up, Murphy cut her teeth at the Nashville bars and restaurants, and eventually landed herself another record deal.

When that deal fell through too, the songstress still did not quit! Murphy utilized her connections to land herself a publishing deal at Johnny Morris’ company. “I put my apron down and I walked in there by myself and I asked if I could be a writer. And I’ve been there for the past eight years,” declared the artist.

After several years working as a writer, something began to shift in Murphy. She credits having a son and really honing her skills as a songwriter for giving her the courage and the desire to work as an artist again.Working at this publishing company and getting better as a songwriter and then having a son, that’s what kind of  made me want to put music out again.”


Flash forward to today, fans can rejoice in Murphy’s newest single, “Get Over It.” Written by the singer with Don Bedell and Trafton Harvey, the song feels like an old-school country song. “We were like how should we write this and we kicked around some different angles, but we usually resort to a drinking song if we get stuck, and I just thought that the title fit.”

Murphy took that retro-country inspiration to turn the song into one of her favorite tracks that she has ever been a part of. The single is the first of many singles off the songstress’ upcoming debut album. “I just thought, I should make an album and build off this vibe,” shared Murphy. “We’re going to release some singles off of the LP. It’s seven songs and then we’ll put the whole thing out.”

Fans can look forward to this next chapter for Murphy. She will continue to be cutting songs and crafting songs over the next year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!


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