NYCS First Impression: Maggie Rose ‘Change The Whole Thing’

Maggie Rose "Change The Whole Thing"

Maggie Rose “Change The Whole Thing”

Singer-songwriter Maggie Rose released her highly anticipated album, Change The Whole Thing today (Sept. 21).

Standing proud in her edgy album artwork, she strays away from the average country music front image. Her black and silver sparkle top infused with matching eyeshadow and backdrop set the mood for the entire album. Stamped with her affinity for finely crafted melodies, a blend of sounds, and complex storytelling, the project includes a variety of all types of music including American music melding Rock, Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Country and Gospel. While the album encompasses a plethora of sounds, they all come together very cohesively for an unforgettable group of songs.

Having being told there is something about her voice live, Rose set out to find out what exactly that was. The powerhouse vocalist nailed it down and recorded the songs for her newest project live in one take with her 13-piece “family band” at Starstruck Studios in Nashville, TN. “No one puts albums out like this” Rose said in her video for the album. To have a full live set of songs is something unique nowadays. The full-length LP features 12 songs, 12 live music videos, a 60-minute documentary.

The title track of the album “Change The Whole Thing” is about watching someone put their heart through hell although the song’s lyrics have a meaning as well. Listeners can embrace the chorus in the context of changing the world around them a little at a time.

The world wasn’t broken in a day/ It ain’t gotta stay this way forever/
But you ain’t got to change the whole damn thing/ You just have to leave it a little better /

Between her song “Do Right By My Love”, the first track off the album that has a bluesy feel, and “Hey Blondie”, with a Footloose vibe, the album gives fans a variety of beats to jam along to. The most diverse song on the album, “Smooth”, offers fans a rhythm and blues theme that transports you back to old New Orleans.

Maggie Rose just embarked on her “Change the Whole Thing” tour and will play shows through December. New Yorkers can see her on tour November 19th at Rockwood Music Hall. For additional tour dates and more information, visit


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