I Love New York with Kylie Morgan


Our ‘I Love New York’ Series features artists in the country music community taking over our Instagram Story each week to give us the Top 5 Things they love most about New York City.

This week, singer-songwriter Kylie Morgan took over to give her Top 5 Picks in the personalized videos here on Instagram Highlights plus a rundown below. Morgan just released the official music video to her debut single, “Break Things” check it out here…


#5 – The NYC Subway

Morgan kicks off her Top 5 Picks with the NYC Subway! Morgan says, “I am an awful driver and have so much anxiety every time I get behind the wheel, so the fact that I can just simply go places without even thinking about driving is my absolute favorite.”


#4 – Rockaway Beach, NY

Next up, Morgan shouts out Rockaway Beach located in Queens, NY, and just a short ferry ride away from Manhattan as her number 4 pick. “I took a ferry to get there with my best friend Lauren and met Steph from NYCountry Swag. We had an absolute blast on the beach and I will definitely be back there sooner than later,” she says.


#3 – The Restaurants 

The restaurants all over New York City take Morgan’s # 3 spot. “I feel like you could eat at a different restaurant every night for five years and still have new places to go. There’s so much to do and so many things to see and I love that,” Morgan adds.


#2 – Active City

In her number 2 spot, Kylie Morgan includes how active everyone in the city is in her Top 5 picks. “Everyone is always walking, which if you know me at all, I am a huge component of getting 12,000 steps in a day, so I love that everyone travels by walking and is always active.”


#1 – The Energy

Morgan’s #1 Pick for her Top 5 Things she loves about NYC in our ‘I Love New York’ Series is: the Energy! Morgan says, “I feel like everyone there is there for a purpose and has dreams and is so driven and you feel that as soon as you land in New York. Everyone is just so excited to be there and ready to become the best version of themselves.”


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