LOCASH  dropped their brand new EP, WOODS & WATER available now, November 5th, on all streaming platforms. Learn about and listen to the new music below.

In country music, there is one duo that continues to march to the beat of their own drums. Gold-certified singer-songwriters, LOCASH are back with a brand new EP to entertain fans. Preston Brust co-wrote each of the five tracks on the record, while Chris Lucas penned four out of the five tunes. The new EP WOODS & WATER is out now!

“We can’t wait to share this music, we kept it all on a positive note like we do best, and we collaborated with some bucket list voices and writers. We wanted WOODS & WATER – EP to be a mini vacation – a getaway,” shares LOCASH. Relatable and easy to sing along to, this project hits every feel-good tempo. It’s us. These are the anthems the world needs right now.”

The record kicks off with “Beach Boys.” The Southern-rock infused track is fun-loving from the jump! The song feels old-school and just a ton of fun. Lyrically, the song is synonymous with a carefree day with friends and your love at the beach. “Let’s take the country to the beach boys // Give me the beach boys.” What could be better than that?!

“In The Woods” is a slower jam, but still has the same fun-loving appeal as the previous track. The song conveys the idea that you can have tunnel vision for the one you love. Despite all the craziness, sometimes it can be magical to just drown out all the noise of life, and focus on the one you love.

“The whole world’s gone crazy // But It ain’t here baby // Just us and the birds and the bees // It’s all fine in the pines // Where the moon shine like it should”

The middle track “Sippin Sunsets” is one of our favorites. Penned by LOCASH with Jason Duke and John Byron, the lyrics depict all the magic that a sunset brings with your love. LOCASH know how to bring the feel-good vibes and the romance on this new song.

On “Small Town For Life,” the duo digs their boots deeper into the country. Clearly proud of their small-town roots, the song conveys everything that is amazing about being from a small town. LOCASH make sure to pay homage to other incredible country songs on this one-of-a-kind ode to small-town living.

“I’m still small town for life // I’m a one stop light on the back 49 // I’m a country boy can’t survive // In my F-150 with my baby riding with me // I”m the definition of some jeans and boots // Ain’t nobody digging up my red dirt roots // I’m a small town for life // Til the day I die”

The record closes with “Chillionaire.” Possibly the most summer ready tune on the new EP, LOCASH  prove that they are the kings of chilling on this track.

Throughout the five songs on the record, one theme continues to be prevalent: LOCASH know who they are and the music they make. Congrats to a great EP!

WOODS & WATER EP Tracklist:

  1. Beach Boys” (Chris Lucas, Preston Brust, Dallas Wilson, Jared Mullins, Brian Wilson, Mike Love)
  2. In The Woods” (Chris Lucas, Preston Brust, Chris LaCorte, Corey Crowder)
  3. Sippin Sunsets” (Chris Lucas, Preston Brust, Jason Duke, John Byron)
  4. Small Town For Life” (Chris Lucas, Preston Brust, Ben Hayslip, Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins)
  5. Chillionaire” (Preston Brust, Clint Lagerberg, Drew Baldridge)

LOCASH’s brand new EP ‘WOODS & WATER’ is out now.

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