Larry Fleet: ‘Earned It’ Album Review

Larry Fleet’s brand new album, Earned It is out now, September 1st on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new music below.

Larry Fleet is one of the most humble and authentic entertainers in country music right now. The singer-songwriter has a knack for singing his truth, writing relatable stories, and creating true-blue country songs that fans will want to listen to again and again. His brand new album, Earned It showcases all of it. With 21 songs, Fleet leads his listeners through a journey of gratitude for his roots, a humble appreciation for the successes and the pain points, and a steadiness in knowing that hard work can build dreams.

“I love getting to play music and write songs, but there are still days when I ride by a job site and see some ol’ boy on an excavator and I’m like, ‘Man, I remember that,’” Fleet shares in a recent press release. “You work hard every day. You build something with your hands, and when you’re done you’ve got something to look at and you’re proud of that.”

The record kicks off with the title track, which sets the tone for the rest of the project. On “Earned It,” Fleet leans into the blue-collar lifestyle, bringing the stories to life on the track and teaching us lessons throughout the song. He encourages everyone to be the best that they can be and appreciate the simplicities that life affords us. While the song is lyrical poignant, the fun-loving instrumentals add to the already incredible single.

“Buddy, I earned it // Damn right it was worth it // And I’ll do it all over again even if I’m hurtin’ // Oh, at the end of the day // I get to watch my children play // I’m satisfied with my simple life // ‘Cause, buddy, I earned it”

Fleet continues to highlight the blue-collar lifestyle and that “built not bought” attitude throughout the record. Songs like “25-8,” “Where There’s A Willie” and “Muddy Water,” bring nostalgia to the forefront of our hearts. Each of the three songs pay homage to the small-town lifestyle and show gratitude for the mistakes and failures too in different and enticing ways.

Many songs off the record also touch on the themes of settling down and putting roots down. On “Two Beer Plan,” listeners get to hear a love story unfold and work longterm after a couple of drinks at the bar. The story is heartwarming and poetic in nature. Similarly, on “Angels Were Gone,” Fleet likens his wife to an angel for all she does and all she is. On “Layaway,” fans get to hear all about the process of actually putting down roots.

Fleet expresses love again on both “Taking The Long Way,” an uptempo jam that we cannot get enough of, and again on “Tennessee On You.” On the latter, the singer weaves us through a budding new love story that feels hopeful, eclectic, and flirty. The song is one of the several places that you can see Fleet’s Otis Redding influences touch.

The blossoming superstar’s love for Rock ‘N’ Roll music is also evident on the project. While the uptempo songs are a dead giveaway for the inspiration from that genre, one of our favorite songs off the project, “Devil Music,” is more on the nose. On the track, Fleet expresses growing up listening to the genre and the story that unfolded throughout his life. Although not penned by the singer, it feels like the story could have come from his own life adding to the likability of the track.

Another theme that is evident throughout the entire project is lessons learned. On track two, “Lucky Dog,” Fleet laments about a break-up, singing lyrics like, “My whole world just drove away.” Though the lyrics are melancholy, the uptempo instrumentals and the “hats off” to the other guy mentality make the song both likable and catchy. On “Something He’d Say,” Fleet urges us all to be mindful about what we deserve. A lyrically-prolific song, the track is a reminder that we all get to be treated with love and respect.

While each and every song has a flavor of teachable moments woven in, the last three songs off the record really bring it home on the project. Beginning with “Grow,” arguably one of the best songs on the project, Fleet reminds us all to relish in each stage of life because it is all a growing edge and learning curve. Similar to the feel of songs like “Buy Dirt” by Jordan Davis and “A ROCK” by HARDY, “Grow” is a perfect example of real storytelling country music.

On “Daddy Don’t Drink,” written by Fleet with Derek Bahr and Luke Laird, the singer opens up about becoming a father and all that he has done and will continue to do for his family, including giving up vices in favor of being a role model.

With that being said, the final song on the project, “Young Buck,” turns nostalgic memories about being an outdoorsman into lessons about being present in life. The song feels like the heartbeat of the record in the most poignant of ways.

Earned It is a cohesive body of work that makes us all think, feel, love, enjoy, and relish, something we believe that Fleet intended for his fans and listeners. Fleet has definitely emerged as a mainstay in country music with this album officially sealing his fate and much-deserved place in the genre.

Earned It Track List:

  1. Earned It (Larry Fleet, Connie Rae Harrington)
  2. Lucky Dog (Zach Abend, Smith Ahnquist, Michael Hardy)
  3. Ain’t Mad At Jesus (Larry Fleet, Josh Miller, Jake Mitchell)
  4. 25-8 (Casey Beathard, Nicolette Hayford, Jim Wolf)
  5. Things I Take For Granted (Larry Fleet, Rocky Block, Jordan Dozzi, Brett Tyler)
  6. Lord Willing (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brett Tyler)
  7. Two Beer Plan (Larry Fleet, Thomas Archer, Ryan Beaver, Mark Holman)
  8. Taking The Long Way (Larry Fleet, Will Bundy, Brett Tyler)
  9. Something He’d Say (Larry Fleet, Josh Thompson, Jake Mitchell)
  10. Beer Needs A Beer (Larry Fleet, Brett Tyler, Logan Wall)
  11. There’s A Waylon (Steve Moakler, Joseph Patton, Logan Wall)
  12. Angels Were Gone (Rodney Clawson, Jessie Jo Dillon, Joybeth Taylor)
  13. Try Texas (Jake Mitchell, Larry Fleet, James McNair)
  14. Tennessee On You (Rocky Block, John Byron, Jacob Durrett, Ashley Gorley)
  15. Muddy Water (Larry Fleet, Jesse Frasure, Brett Tyler)
  16. Devil Music (Jessie Jo Dillon, Neil Mason, Brett Tyler)
  17. Layaway (Larry Fleet, Mark Trussell, Josh Miller)
  18. Much To Talk About (Tommy Cecil, Jordan Dozzi, Craig Wiseman)
  19. Grow (Rodney Clawson, Josh Miller, Dallas Wilson)
  20. Daddy Don’t Drink (Larry Fleet, Derek Bahr, Luke Laird)
  21. Young Buck (Andy Albert, John Byron, Devin Dawson, Jacob Durrett)

Country Swag Picks:

  1. “Grow”
  2. “Two Beer Plan”
  3. “Earned It”
  4. “Devil Music”
  5. “Taking The Long Way”
  6. “Something He’d Say”

Larry Fleet shares brand new album, ‘Earned It,’ out now on all streaming platforms.

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