5 Things to Expect from Larry Fleet’s Album ‘Stack Of Records’

We chatted with country artist Larry Fleet about his brand new album Stack Of Records due out this Friday, September 24th. Here are five things to expect from the project.

  1. Larry Fleet believes in the power of a song, which is evident on this new record.

“You gotta have something you want to say, and my thing was I just always wrote honest stuff, and tried to keep it simple and honest, I think that has inspired people.”


  1. The singer co-wrote all fourteen tracks off Stack of Records, but it was not intentional.

“A good song is a good song. There’s so many good songwriters in Nashville, and my thing is, you don’t have to write every song, but it just worked that way. Because I have a different type of writing style and what I’m trying to do is put out honest, simple songs that mean something and connects with people.”


  1. Fleet did not initially intend to become an artist, but this record puts his artistry out on full display.

“I’ve been writing songs for a long time. I never wanted to be an artist. I just wanted to be a songwriter. That’s where my passion is in the songwriting, so I always take a lot of time and a lot of pride in writing a good song, that’s where it all begins.”


  1. One of the songs off the record features his now friend and old tour mate, Jon Pardi.

“When I wrote “In Love With My Problems,” I sent it to him and he liked the song. […] When we recorded the song, he was like ‘this song is awesome,’ and I was like come sing it with me.”


  1. Jamey Johnson also lent his voice to Fleet’s record after a Zoom write led the two to create an incredible song called “Highway Feet.”

“Johnson said, ‘let’s just write a song about going back out on the road.’ […] This is kinda our “On The Road Again” [Willie Nelson].”


Larry Fleet’s new album Stack Of Records is due out this Friday, September 24th.

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* Interview Conducted by: Stephanie Wagner // Written by: Erica Zisman for Country Swag