LANCO Sings About Finally Finding True Love in “Near Mrs.”

LANCO’s brand new song, “Near Mrs” is available now February 5th. Listen to the brand new track here.

Platinum-selling country group LANCO is back with their first brand new track, since July. The men officially premiered the jamming tune “Near Mrs” with an accompanied lyric-video today, marking their first release in the new year.

The brand new song displays powerful word-play, enticing lyrics, and a catchy melody, all things we have come to love from LANCO. Cleverly titled, “Near Mrs” is about all the lovers you have to go through until you find the one whom your soul will end up with. The story-telling and laid back nature of this song make the listener dream about simpler times and finding their forever love.

“Here’s to all the near Mrs. / Give her mama best wishes / And close call kisses / that never came through”

 Each verse portrays a lost love, who just wasn’t Mrs. Right. The endearing quality and the story-telling nature of the song is the most impressive part of the incredible tune. Similar to their other anthems like  “Greatest Love Story” and” Born to Love You.” “Near Mrs” has the potential to be a fan-favorite and an absolute hit, during live performances.

LANCO’s new song “Near Mrs.” is available everywhere now, February 5th

LANCO’s new song “Near Mrs.” is available everywhere now, February 5th

The band shared on social media the sweet sentiment surrounding their latest release stating: “First new song of 2021. At first glance it’s the journey of love lost leading to love found. But this song became more special over the past year as we’ve had so much time to reflect on how thankful we are for those in our lives. No matter how certain you can be of your path it may not work out how you planned, but hopefully, at the end of that journey you end up right where you need to be and, right next to the person you need to be with.”

We only hope that this year brings us a new record from LANCO with more songs full of heart, charisma, story-telling, and nostalgia. LANCO truly prove with “Near Mrs” that they deserve all the success that is sure to head their way.

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