Carly Pearce Drops “Should’ve Known Better” – Announces New Project, 29

Carly Pearce’s new song, “Should’ve Known Better” is available now, on all streaming platforms. Written by Pearce with Emily Shackleton, and Jordan Reynolds, take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Country music’s it-girl, Carly Pearce, announced the February 19th release date of a new collection of songs, entitled 29, following a difficult year in her personal life. This EP will feature a collection of 7 vulnerable songs that touch on many aspects of the singer’s 29th year, exploring heartbreak from different angles.

Pearce released several songs off of the project so far including “Show Me Around”, a beautiful tribute to her late producer busbee, who was a dear friend and had a significant impact on her career. The other released track, “Next Girl,” serves as a sassy diss track, warning the ‘next girl’ about a guy who is nothing but trouble when you get to know him.

On the latest release, “Should’ve Known Better,” Pearce sings from a reflective place. Written with frequent collaborators, Emily Shackleton and Jordan Reynolds, the song explores the role that both parties play in the breakdown of a relationship. Pearce admits blame for trusting someone who didn’t turn out to be the man she expected, making her both angry and regretful. The singer’s gorgeous and textured singing voice adds a deep layer of feeling to a gentle melody.

Carly Pearce 29 Should've Known Better

Carly Pearce

Throughout the song, Pearce provides alternate perspectives on who to blame for the failed romance. In the chorus, Pearce laments how this person betrayed her,

I gave you my heart, you let it go to waste / You made me do the leaving and you made me take the blame / Does it make you feel good, to make me feel bad? / Yeah, you should’ve known better, should’ve known bеtter / Than to break what you couldn’t fix / Boy, what a shame what you’rе gonna miss / Why’d you go and do what you can’t take back? / Yeah, you should’ve known better, should’ve known better than that

In the second verse, Pearce turns that doubt inward, faulting herself for not seeing the signs.

You sold me on a fantasy / Damn, and it all felt real to me / Thought you were the man in the photograph / Should’ve known better than that / Oh, I should’ve known better than that

These lyrics are heartbreaking, hearing someone taking the blame for something as innocent as following their heart and trusting what’s in front of them. Pearce’s vulnerability shines through; as this person deeply altered the trust she has in her own self.

The songs we’ve heard from the upcoming EP, 29, showcase the breadth of Pearce’s songwriting and ability to encapsulate a wide array of emotions through music. The songstress does this all while staying true to her soulful country sound. We can’t wait to hear the remaining 4 tracks from Pearce’s forthcoming project.  We know for sure that these songs will all tug at the heartstrings.

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“Should’ve Known Better” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.