Lady A: ‘What A Song Can Do (Chapter One)’ – Review

Lady A’s new project, What A Song Can Do (Chapter One), is out now, June 25th on all streaming platforms. Featuring seven new tracks by the GRAMMY-Award winners, including “Like A Lady,” take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Lady A is going back to basics, embracing what made the band a success in its earliest days on their new collection of music, What A Song Can Do (Chapter One), out today, June 25. Produced by the legendary Dann Huff, the seven-track project features the harmonies and musical styles that made Lady A one of country music’s hottest groups.

Fueled by the events of 2020, each song on What A Song Can Do is co-written by at least one member of the band, alongside some of country’s biggest hitmakers. Other big-name writers on the EP include Ryan Hurd, Natalie Hemby, Nicolle Galyon, Dave Barnes, Thomas Rhett, and more.

On the EP’s title track, the trio celebrates the amazing powers of a great song, as they muse “Ain’t it crazy what a song can do?” Featuring Charles Kelley on lead with Hillary Scott’s perfect accompaniment, the track is Lady A at its finest. A simple song has the power to change one’s mood or even change one’s life, and this song, written by Kelley, Sam Ellis, Hurd, and Laura Veltz, does just that, immediately sure to lift a listener’s spirits.

The collection’s first track, “Talk of this Town,” shows Lady A dealing with heartbreak in a unique way. Over the melancholy music and haunting drumline, Scott and Kelley trade verses about how they no longer want to be the topic of town gossip. Written by Scott, Kelley, Dave Haywood, Galyon, and Jordan Reynolds, the song finds the pair praying for anything to happen in their small town to distract people from their breakup. “Baby I could get over you,” They sing.“If you and I could be old news.”

“Like A Lady,” is a perfect female empowerment track, as evidenced by the band’s performance at the CMT Awards, which featured other female powerhouses including Carly Pearce and Lindsay Ell. Meanwhile, “Chance of Rain” wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Lady A’s earliest albums, and that’s a good thing. Written by Haywood and Kelley with Topher Brown and Justin Ebach, the song is about taking chances and embracing life.

“Never going all in ’cause you’re scared of goodbye // Is like never seeing Paris ’cause you’re scared to fly,” they sing.“Never falling in love’ cause a chance of pain // Is like never seeing summer ’cause a chance of rain.”

Lady A is more introspective on “Things He Handed Down” and “Worship What I Hate.” On the former, they sing about the wise words of wisdom handed down from a father or grandfather, in a way that’s remnant of Chris Young’s “Voices.” Meanwhile, on the EP’s final track, “Worship What I Hate,” Lady A tackles tougher subjects, including body image, alcoholism, and technology addiction. With Scott on lead, the track is a moving and much-needed look at how easy it is to fall into unhealthy habits and begin worshipping the things we claim to hate. “I keep looking at myself in the mirror // Hoping it will change,” she sings. “And I keep wishing for a brand-new body // That I didn’t have to blame.”

On What A Song Can Do (Chapter One), Lady A truly embraces the EP’s title, offering a collection that embodies everything music can do. There are songs here that can make you dance, make you cry, shake the ground, and steal your breath. Ain’t it crazy what a song, and a great chapter of music, can do?

Lady A’s new project, 'What A Song Can Do (Chapter One)' is out now, June 25th

Lady A’s new project, ‘What A Song Can Do (Chapter One)’ is out now, June 25th

What A Song Can Do (Chapter One) Track List

  1. Talk Of This Town” | Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Nicolle Galyon, Jordan Reynolds
  2. What A Song Can Do” | Charles Kelley, Sam Ellis, Ryan Hurd, Laura Veltz          
  3. Like A Lady” | Hillary Scott, Dave Barnes, Michelle Buzz, Martin Johnson, Brandon Paddock
  4. Things He Handed Down” | Charles Kelley, Julian Bunetta, Jesse Frasure, Thomas Rhett
  5. Fire” | Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott, Justin Ebach
  6. Chance Of Rain” | Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley, Topher Brown, Justin Ebach  
  7. Worship What I Hate” | Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott, Natalie Hemby, Amy Wadge

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