Kylie Frey and Randy Houser Team Up on New Song “Horses In Heaven”

Kylie Frey and Randy Houser are teaming up on a brand new song, “Horses In Heaven,” available now, April 23rd, on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Kylie Frey and Randy Houser's "Horses In Heaven" is available now, April 23rd

Kylie Frey and Randy Houser’s “Horses In Heaven” is available now, April 23rd

We are here for a good collaboration, and today we got one! Former Swag Spotlight artist, Kylie Frey has joined forces with incredible vocalist, Randy Houser on a brand new song. Frey’s new single with Houser is an amazing duet called “Horses In Heaven.”

The rising country songstress collaborating with chart-topper, Houser is a collaboration we never knew that we needed! The song is a tribute to Frey’s late grandfather, who was an inspiration and a rock for the singer throughout her life. Her vocals soar on the song, but the combination of Houser’s vocals during the chorus takes the song to the next level. The collaboration came about when one of Houser’s buddies played Frey’s song. “I felt like it was telling a story I knew. Right then, I wanted to sing on the track,” he shared in a recent press release.

“ I don’t know if he’s roaming around just to pass the time // Somewhere up there, on the other side // Checking a fence line just as the sun is setting // But y’all I’m sure that he’s riding horses in heaven”

The former rodeo star does her grandfather proud, sharing about all the reasons she looked up to him. She shares that her grandfather taught her how to ride and was a constant encouragement in her life. This completely comes through with each lyric sung, and it really makes the listener feel closer to Frey as an artist and as a person.

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“Horses In Heaven” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.