Kylie Frey and Randy Houser Team Up on New Song “Horses In Heaven”

Kylie Frey and Randy Houser are teaming up on a brand new song, “Horses In Heaven,” available now, April 23rd, on all streaming platforms. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Kylie Frey and Randy Houser's "Horses In Heaven" is available now, April 23rd

Kylie Frey and Randy Houser’s “Horses In Heaven” is available now, April 23rd

We are here for a good collaboration, and today we got one! Former Swag Spotlight artist, Kylie Frey has joined forces with incredible vocalist, Randy Houser on a brand new song. Frey’s new single with Houser is an amazing duet called “Horses In Heaven.”

The rising country songstress collaborating with chart-topper, Houser is a collaboration we never knew that we needed! The song is a tribute to Frey’s late grandfather, who was an inspiration and a rock for the singer throughout her life. Her vocals soar on the song, but the combination of Houser’s vocals during the chorus takes the song to the next level. The collaboration came about when one of Houser’s buddies played Frey’s song. “I felt like it was telling a story I knew. Right then, I wanted to sing on the track,” he shared in a recent press release.

“ I don’t know if he’s roaming around just to pass the time // Somewhere up there, on the other side // Checking a fence line just as the sun is setting // But y’all I’m sure that he’s riding horses in heaven”

The former rodeo star does her grandfather proud, sharing about all the reasons she looked up to him. She shares that her grandfather taught her how to ride and was a constant encouragement in her life. This completely comes through with each lyric sung, and it really makes the listener feel closer to Frey as an artist and as a person.

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“Horses In Heaven” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

NYCS Swag Spotlight Featuring Kylie Frey

Kylie Frey

Photo Credit: Rachael Mason

This month’s Swag Spotlight series features Louisiana born Kylie Frey; a former rodeo star, honky-tonk singer, and rising country artist. Growing up in a rodeo family in Louisiana, music came a little bit later for Frey. Her early success originated from roping calves and tying goats, however she showcased another talent with her voice at the rodeo. Frey said, “When I was about five years old, I started singing the National Anthem at every rodeo I was entered in, so that’s how I got into it.”

Music became even more prominent in her life when she began writing her own songs. Frey revealed, “I picked up playing guitar around13 or 14 and it was the age of Taylor Swift.” A voice coach encouraged her to write, and at that point in her life, she was just a little girl who did not know how to get her feelings out.

Writing songs became her outlet and safety net, not imagining she could ever be a big-time country star. It was essentially a form of therapy, Frey explained, “It was me getting my feelings out onto a piece of paper and for some reason, words just made sense when you put a melody and chords to it.”

Frey’s earliest memories of country music and major influences were Shania Twain and The Dixie Chicks. One of the most incredible full-circle moments occurred when Frey was a contestant on “Real Country,” and Shania Twain chose her to be on her team.

It was back in Kindergarten when Frey dressed up as Shania Twain for career day, and Twain was able to see the photo during the audition. However, it was not the childhood photo that stood out to Twain, Frey explained that “Twain told her she heard a strong independent woman.” and her response was, “Yes, that is because who your music taught me to be.”

It was truly a life-changing experience for Frey who recently released her new single “One Night In Tulsa.” The singer-songwriter tells a story of the desperation of wanting one more night with someone when you know it ultimately will not work out. Frey possesses the incredible ability to write songs that draw us in with her traditional county style and smooth, powerful voice.

Looking forward to 2020, Frey will be releasing new music, in addition to “all things deep-fryed.”

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