Kolby Cooper: ‘ Boy From Anderson County To The Moon’ – Album Review

Kolby Cooper’s brand new album, Boy From Anderson County To The Moonis out now, August 19th on all streaming platforms. Take a listen and read our full review below.

In a world where Luke Combs is one of country music’s biggest stars and Chris Stapleton is sweeping awards shows, Kolby Cooper is a natural fit. With his debut full-length album with BBR/ Wheelhouse Records, Boy From Anderson County To The Moon, out today, Cooper is ready to step in, stand out, and shake things up. 

“Boy From Anderson County To The Moon means so much to me,” says Cooper in a statement. “From the top to the bottom, each song is on here for a reason, and I couldn’t be more proud of it! I hope that when the fans listen to it, they hear how much work and how much of me went into this thing!”

Produced by Philip Mosley, the thirteen track collection was entirely co-written by the young singer-songwriter, who puts his own clever spin on lyrics, while mixing his in-jest takes with introspection and depth. He weaves his husky growl over a combination of wailing guitar riffs and poetic ballads in a way that’s sure to have him selling out stadiums in no time.

From the intense, yet radio-radio opening notes of “Are We On Fire?” through the final chords of “To the Moon,” it’s clear this debut is something special.

On the former, Cooper wails through a doomed relationship, as they both know it’s over but can’t seem to let go. The track builds to an anthemic chorus as he wonders who will be the first to end things.

“Is it my fault? // Is it your fault?// Girl who’s to blame? // Is everything we worked for goin’ up in flames? // Is this house burning down all around us? // We’d both be better off without us? // You say that you love me // And I’d never call you a liar // Is it just me or are we on fire? // Burning higher // Baby maybe I’m the gas and maybe you’re the lighter”

Meanwhile, “To the Moon,” named after Cooper’s YouTube series, is an introspective track inviting listeners to enjoy the important things in life while they have them. “Just ‘cause you got a little more dough // Doesn’t make you any better than the next guy // Yeah this life sure feels like it feels like too soon…Just pray there’s something higher than the moon.

While the album is bookended perfectly, there are many more stories to be told through the East Texas native’s thirteen tracks. On “Excuses,” he deals with an “It ain’t you, it’s me” situation that was inspired by his guitar player’s sudden breakup, while “Breaking News” is a smoldering Jason Aldean-esque up-tempo. That type of lyrical jest continues through “That Song Don’t Make No Sense,” “Her Favorite Songs,” and “Good for You,” which finds Cooper faking happiness for someone who’s moved on, “wishin’ what was good for me was good for you.”

One of the album’s absolute standouts is “Stars Fall Down,” a track that shows Cooper take on another role: Dad. In the moving love letter to his young daughters, the singer-songwriter shows his softer side, encouraging his daughters to always shoot for the stars.

“So when you take aim // Baby shoot for the sky // If you miss, it’ll be alright // I’m gonna love you no matter what // ‘Cause that’s just what a daddy does // Don’t be scared if you burn bright, but you burn out // Baby keep on shining // ‘Cause even stars fall down”

Likewise, the album’s title track reads like a love letter to Cooper’s wife, Jillian, who the singer-songwriter has known since third grade. Cooper tells Taste of Country, “I knew since the last record was more of a sad record about my dad passing away that I wanted this record to be more about where I am in life right now. I’m extremely blessed in every way: I’m married to the girl of my dreams, I’ve got two perfect little girls, and I get to go play shows for people that want to sing every word. So, I wanted to get that across on this one.”

“She made me better // She made me stronger // She made me want this dream so bad // She made me wish that forever wasn’t all the time we had // She showed me every single thing I didn’t know about me // And I thank God everyday that that girl found me // ‘Cause He made a plan // She made a choice // They made a man out of a boy from Anderson county”

Kolby Cooper may just be a “Boy from Anderson County,” but his career is certainly destined for the moon and beyond. Based on this album, we’re certain he’s going to end up amongst the brightest stars.

Kolby Cooper – Boy From Anderson County To The Moon Track List:

  1. “Are We On Fire” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker)
  2. “Excuses” (Kolby Cooper, Brett Tyler, Jordan Walker)
  3. “Breaking News” (Kolby Cooper, Troy Verges, Jake Mitchell)
  4. “Storm’s Coming” (Kolby Cooper, Brett Tyler, Ross Cooperman, Michael Hardy)
  5. “Woke Up Hungover” (Kolby Cooper, Hunter Phelps, Brent Anderson)
  6. “Stars Fall Down” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker, Jacob Davis)
  7. “Way To Go” (Kolby Cooper, Mike Walker, Josh Jenkins)
  8. “Just A Door” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker)
  9. “This Song Don’t Make No Sense” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker, Matt McKinney)
  10. “Her Favorite Songs” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker, Jacob Davis)
  11. “Good For You” (Kolby Cooper, Jameson Rodgers, Brent Anderson)
  12. “Boy From Anderson County” (Kolby Cooper, Jordan Walker)
  13. “To The Moon” (Kolby Cooper, Thomas Archer, Jordan Walker, Ray Fulcher)

*Produced by Philip Mosley

Country Swag Picks

  1. Excuses
  2. Are We On Fire?
  3. Stars Fall Down
  4. Boy From Anderson County

Kolby Cooper’s debut album, ‘Boy From Anderson County To The Moon’ is out now.

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Kolby Cooper will make his Grand Ole Opry Debut on September 10, and is currently both headlining his own shows and supporting Koe Wetzel. 

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