Kolby Cooper: ‘Boy From Anderson County’ – EP Review

Kolby Cooper’s EP Boy From Anderson County is out today, August 6th, on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the new music below.

There is nothing like witnessing an artist’s debut project. Today, singer-songwriter, Kolby Cooper is on full display. The rising artist officially dropped his debut EP, Boy From Anderson County. Cooper wears his heart on his sleeve on the release, sharing all sides of his personality and his story with fans.

The record kicks off with one of the most personal songs on the EP. The title track depicts the love story between Cooper and his wife. The singer thanks his wife for making him the man he is today, teaching him all about life and himself, and of course, convincing him to follow his dreams.

“She made me better // She made me stronger // She made me want this dream so bad // She made me wish forever // Wasn’t all the time we had // She showed me every single thing I didn’t know about me // and I thank god every day that that girl found me”

Next up, “Good For You” showcases the rough and rowdy side of Cooper’s vocals. Written by Cooper along with singer-songwriter Jameson Rodgers and Brent Anderson, the song feels radio-ready. It has the right mix of grit and rhythm. Lyrically the premise of the song is relatable, as Cooper sings about pining after a girl, who did not want him.

On “Excuses,” Cooper slows it down again. This time, the singer somberly shares how it feels to watch a relationship come to its end. The old “it ain’t you, it’s me” is just the start of all the excuses. Similarly on “Way To Go,” Cooper expresses the end of a relationship, but this time putting the blame on himself. The singer’s honesty and vulnerability is evident on this standout track.

Picking the tempo up yet again, “The Song Don’t Make No Sense” is an ode to a complicated ex and break-up. The high-caliber innovation within this song is both refreshing and fun to listen to. The innovation continues with the last song off the record, “Her Favorite Songs.” Cooper has the last laugh on this song, as he sings about his nemesis’ girl singing all his favorite songs.

“Cause now when you get home // Your speakers are full-blown // Your girl is singing at the top of her lungs // Spin in the kitchen // Hey baby, listen // You tell her how you never heard this one // I know that you heard it // I know you know who it is // Ain’t the first song she’s played this playlist”

Cooper’s debut project is nothing short of fantastic. He is the real deal, both as a vocalist and as a songwriter. Fans should keep the singer on their radar.

Boy From Anderson CountyEP Tracklist:

  1. Boy From Anderson County
  2. Good For You
  3. Excuses
  4. Way To Go
  5. The Song Don’t Make No Sense
  6. Her Favorite Songs

Kolby Cooper’s new EP ‘Boy From Anderson County,’ is out now

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