Kindness Isn’t Canceled Spotlight: Tyler Rich Supports @travelingmessage

It has been a tough few months in quarantine for us, our friends in Nashville, for the country, and for the world. Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat, people are trying to rebuild their homes, many Americans are losing their jobs, and we are all forced to stay in as we fight through this pandemic. Despite all this turmoil, beauty and kindness have remained.

We decided to flip the script and shine our spotlight, while we can, on some of the kindness that we have witnessed from others because Kindness Isn’t Canceled. To grab your exclusive shirt, click here.


This week we chose to focus on an act of kindness that is a small, but mighty gesture. Social media is a big part of our everyday lives, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming to keep up with the Instagram “image.” However, Tyler Rich and his beautiful wife Sabina Gadecki have a knack for keeping their social media platforms humble and real. Recently, Rich posted a photo of himself with Sabina embracing, and holding a sign that reads, “Fall in Love With Yourself First.” The duo tagged an Instagram called @thetravelingmessage.

The newly formed Instagram is a site that was created to spread positivity, something we all desperately need during these unsettling times. The Instagram, created by close friends of the couple, shows beautiful images of views from around the world paired with powerful anecdotes and quotes. These messages from strangers are exactly what we need to fill up our cup. Even better, this new Instagram community encourages people to submit their own inspirational messages to be featured on the feed, so we can continue to spread the good vibes without even leaving our comfort zones! Following along here.

Know somebody spreading incredible acts of kindness during these difficult times? Email us at: [email protected].

We look forward to continuing to keep bringing you more stories that remind us that Kindness Isn’t Canceled. Join us in our campaign, and buy yourself a t-shirt here. As always, we appreciate you support of  NYCountry Swag.





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