Avenue Beat Is Speaking the Truth with “Fuck 2020”

Literally every time we write about the powerful female trio that is Avenue Beat, we become more and more in awe of their talent, charisma, and uniqueness. Their song “i don’t really like your boyfriend” went viral on TikTok just last month, and fans begged for the rising artists to release a recorded version, they obliged. Now, Avenue Beat is at it again with another viral song, “Fuck 2020.”


Like all of us, Sami, Savana, and Sam have been navigating this pandemic in their own ways. For the songstresses, singing and songwriting seem to have remained their number one coping skill, and we are reaping the benefits. “Fuck 2020” is an anthem for this year. The ladies cuss out the year with this necessary, yet pleasing song. The second the beat drops and the chorus hits, you become a full-fledged fan of the song and in turn of Avenue Beat.

“Yo my cat died / and a global pandemic took over my life / And I put out some music nobody liked / So I got really sad and bored at the same time / That’s why I’m like / Lowkey fuck 2020/ Still sad, still ain’t got no money”

The ladies express all the turmoil we all feel about how crazy this year has been so far. Through their catchy, yet truthful lyrics. Furthermore, the fact that they had the courage to release it on their social media platforms, and are now, once again, obliging fans by recording it, just shows how much guts and passion they have for their music and their fans. You’re lying if you don’t think “Fuck 2020” is a smash hit. Avenue Beat has somehow found their own lane in music, and we are loving every second of it.

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