Chris Young & Mitchell Tenpenny Go Number One with “At the End of a Bar”

Chris Young and Mitchell Tenpenny hit the number one spot on the country radio charts this week with their song, “At the End of a Bar.” Learn more here…

One of our favorite collaborations to come out of country music recently is “At the End of a Bar” by co-collaborators, Chris Young and Mitchell Tenpenny. It seems country music fans agree! The single is officially the number one song at country radio.

Both Young and Tenpenny have incredible vocals. They both add a touch of soul to their country-pop sounds, which is evident on “At the End of a Bar.” The number one single is one of those songs that is both infectious and alluring, two qualities we love in country songs. Their unexpected collaboration is one of the many reasons that this song has found its way to the top of the country charts.

“There’s a million things that you can find // Bartender conversation or a pair of blue eyes, yeah // Your true love or next broken heart // Maybe a party crowd on a Friday night // Long necks, long lines and neon signs, hell // Sometimes that’s where it all starts // At the end of a bar”

A huge congratulations goes out to both Chris Young and Mitchell Tenpenny’s respected teams. This major feat marks the eleventh number one song for Young and the second number one song for Tenpenny.


Chris Young and Mitchell Tenpenny’s song “At the End of a Bar” goes number one at country radio.

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