Justin Moore: ‘Straight Outta The Country’ – Album Review

Justin Moore’s new album, Straight Outta The Country, is available now, April 23rd, on all streaming platforms. With 8 new tracks, take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music in our First Impression review.

Justin Moore has always toed the line between traditional and modern country perfectly. With hits like “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” and “Small Town USA” under his oft-oversized belt buckle, Moore has managed to always stay true to his sound. Yet, while staying true to himself, he manages to continuously release music that sounds contemporary with a classic twist. This is the case on his new album, Straight Outta the Country, out today, April 23.

The album opens with “Hearing Things,” an ode to living in the city and missing the greener grass of country life. Written by Rhett Akins, Kelly Archer, and Chris Stevens, the song is fitting for a New York-dwelling country music fan, as we can relate to Moore and his remarks that he can “hear honking horns from the 21st floor,” and thinks he’s going crazy hearing the sounds of his country life. “I think I’m going crazy // Hearing things in my head like // Truck tires rolling on a gravel road // AM static on the radio // Pine trees swinging and singing when the wind blows,” Moore drawls. “I swear I’m hearing things like // Muddy water rippling on the riverbank // The lonesome whistle of a midnight train // Sounds crazy I know // But I’m hearing things // And they’re calling me home.”

The album’s lead single “We Didn’t Have Much” appears two times on the album, as both a full band and an acoustic track. While the former is currently climbing the charts at county radio, it’s the latter that allows the stellar lyrical content to shine. Co-written by Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana, and Jeremy Stover, “We Didn’t Have Much” also brings about nostalgia for simpler days and a simpler place. “There was dirt on Daddy’s clothes // From putting that bacon on momma’s stove // Dog barking in the yard at a truck we don’t know,” Moore recalls. “All we had was us // That little bitty house and a lotta love // We had it all when we didn’t have much.”

While Moore can hold his own on an up-tempo, he shines on the slower and sentimental tracks, including “You Keep Getting Me Drunk” and “More Than Me.” The latter is a beautiful love letter of a song, co-written by Moore, DiGiovanni, Chase McGill, and Stover, to Moore’s children. On the heartfelt track, he tells of all the things he wishes for his children. “I hope you love // I hope you hit your knees // Hope you get to see the hometown team win // A little more than me,” He sings. “I know the world’s gonna think the world of you // But I swear on the stars above you // No one’s gonna love you // More than me.”

On “You Keep Getting Me Drunk,” Moore shows his heartbroken side, drinking to dull the pain over his lost love. “How can I get over us when I can’t even sober up?” He asks, the song displays a clever twist of a breakup track, highlighted perfectly by Sarah Buxton’s impeccable background vocals.

The album’s title track is a heavier Moore than we’re used to, driving guitars filling the song. This is an anthem to country-living that we can easily see kicking off or closing out a Moore live show, leaving the audience clamoring for more Moore.

Overall, Justin Moore’s Straight Outta Country is a quintessential mix of modern and contemporary country, Moore’s small-town charm shining on tales of simpler times, country living, celebrating life, and lost love.


  1. Hearing Things (Rhett Akins, Kelly Archer, Chris Stevens)
  2. Consecutive Days Alive (Casey Beathard, Monty Criswell, Jeremy Stover)
  3. We Didn’t Have Much (Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana, Jeremy Stover)
  4. She Ain’t Mine No More (Justin Moore, Paul DiGiovanni, Jamie Paulin, Jeremy Stover)
  5. More Than Me (Justin Moore, Paul DiGiovanni, Chase McGill, Jeremy Stover)
  6. Straight Outta The Country (Michael Hardy, Cam Montgomery, Josh Thompson)
  7. You Keep Getting Me Drunk (Rhett Akins, Kelly Archer, Paul DiGiovanni)
  8. We Didn’t Have Much – Acoustic (Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana, Jeremy Stover)

NYCS Picks:

  1. We Didn’t Have Much
  2. You Keep Getting Me Drunk
  3. Hearing Things

In addition to releasing music and touring, Moore has recently kicked off his own podcast, and upcoming guests include Travis Tritt, Dillon Carmichael, and more. Listen to The Justin Moore Podcast sponsored by Bobcat, here: https://JustinMoore.lnk.to/PodcastPR.

Justin Moore's new album, 'Straight Outta The Country' is available now, April 23rd

Justin Moore’s new album, ‘Straight Outta The Country’ is available now, April 23rd

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