Jimmie Allen Drops ‘Best Shot The Remixes’ EP

Jimmie Allen The Remixes


One of our favorite Artists to Watch, Jimmie Allen, just released a project like no one ever has. ‘Best Shot The Remixes’ is an ep of 4 versions of the singer’s debut #1 hit. Allen posted earlier this week on Twitter “In 3 days I’m releasing remixes of ‘Best Shot’. A few different DJs from different countries took my song and gave it their own twist.” How cool is that? The list includes Mushroom People, Aligee, and Heyder alongside a pop mix.

The pop remix is your classic addition to the trendiest sounds including beatbox noises, kickdrums, and new guitar parts. We would not be surprised if this makes its way to the radio! Mushroom People’s remix takes it to a whole different level. Stretching the vocals and adding well-placed pauses makes the song have a whole new vibe. The Aligee remix is definitely a hit! With echos, kick beats, and more, the song sounds like its familiar self with a great twist. Heyder took a new approach and added new pitch tones to Allen’s vocals and in certain parts of the song, you can hear faint background vocal tracks. After the second verse/chorus, that new voice you could previously hear comes into play to sing the bridge and nails it at the end.  This project should prove to be successful, as it will resonate more and more with each genre of music that is currently popular today. The remixes do a great job of still keeping the original message and feel of the song alive,  just adding their own styles.

Still launching off of the success Allen found in 2018, 2019 is looking no different. Reaching fans across the country, Allen has been an opening act on Scotty McCreery’s Seasons Change Tour that began late last year and is set to take off on tour Kane Brown on the Live Forever Tour this month. If you are looking for more details about upcoming shows, new music, and more check Allen’s website.



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