Country Music Proves It’s One Big Family By Supporting Each Other

One of the many reasons why we love country music is the camaraderie and love that all of the artists and people who work in the industry have for each other.  Yes, of course, there is competition between labels, artists and songwriters to get the best song to the top of the charts but for the most part, country music is a big family.  So many artists support one another on their big milestones, they use social media to shout out to new artists getting a break or when a song goes to number one.  We love to see the way these artists and their teams react to each other and when something good happens for one artist, it is a celebration amongst the genre.

Most recently, one of our 2018 Artists to Watch and Swag Session Alums Jimmie Allen took over the top spot on the charts with his debut single “Best Shot” from high highly anticipated album Mercury Lane.  Artists like Jake Owen, Kane Brown, Chris Young and many more used their social media platforms to inform their followers about his achievement, possibly turning on an entire group of people who were not aware of Allen’s powerful song to go ahead and take a listen.  With so many artists on the rise and so many ways to hear their music, it is refreshing to see artists on different labels and different management teams take time out of their day to support such a genuine person on their big week.
Take a look below at some of the artists’ posts and the heartfelt captions they wrote…


Congratulations on your very first NUMBER ONE Song, Jimmie!
From your friends at NYCountry Swag



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