Jameson Rodgers: In It For The Money – EP Review

Jameson Rodgers’ highly anticipated EP, In It For The Money, is out now, April 23rd, everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new music.

Jameson Rodgers is a man with humble beginnings. He did not originally set out in Nashville to “make it big.” He simply wanted to write music that others would love, but as fate would have it, he is a great vocalist too. The time is officially now for Rodgers to showcase his undeniable talent and firmly take his spot in the industry. Rodgers’ newest project In It for the Money is the perfect record to solidify his much-earned place in country music.

“I would do this forever, for a just getting by salary. It’s just something in your heart. It makes you happy,” shared Rodgers in a recent press release, “I literally look forward to waking up every day and getting to write a song or play a show. I just can’t imagine doing anything else in life.”

The seven-track project begins with three songs that will be familiar to fans. The chart-climber “Cold Beer Calling My Name” kicks off the record. Rodgers joins forces with labelmate and superstar Luke Combs on this fun-loving jam. Similarly, “Rolling Rock, Rolling Stones” is a song that needs to blast through your speakers.

Fittingly, the singer’s debut number one single “Some Girls” is also featured on the project. The song still remains one of the best on the project, both lyrically and vocally.

“Some girls drink a bottle of wine // Got an old ex to text, too get them through the getting by // Sometimes it’s a clean break, stay gone // Clean slate, moving on to something new // Sometimes, some girls make it easy on you // But some girls never do”

Of course, the record also boasts the recently released “Good Dogs.” The song is all about reminding us all to not take the people and pets we love and the things we cherish for granted. Written during a writer’s retreat with a few of his buddies and fellow songwriters, Rodgers created a unique, yet powerful tune that fits in nicely with this project.

The title track “In It for the Money” is the heart of the record, properly placed in the center of the tracklist. The song is all about having the drive and the passion to be a musician. It perfectly personifies Rodgers’ journey in the country music industry and his incredible grit, while still feeling relatable for anyone who has a passion for something.

“And the high you get when they’re singing your song // You wrote about how a heartbreak feels // Looking at the world through an old man windshield // That long road to the top ain’t paved with sold-out shows // If I was in it for the money, I’d of quit a long time ago”

“When You Think of Mississippi” is the nostalgic song on the record. The verses give Rodgers a chance to reflect on a broken relationship that reminds him of his roots and upbringing. The song oozes radio appeal, and we’re sure fans are going to fall in love with this tune.

The record ends with another one of our favorite tunes off the project, “Desert.” Rodgers is truly at his best on this heartbreakingly beautiful song. Although the song is clearly from the perspective of having dealt with heartbreak, the singer encourages people to move on and to focus on the stuff we can control in life. Life is full of ups and downs, but it is still beautiful. It’s a song we all need to hear.

“Tell the ones you love that you love em // Tell the ones you miss that you miss em // Cause life’s kinda crazy, you can’t predict the weather // But the cold and the rain, and the pain don’t last forever // You know the lows sure make the highs so much better // Man sunshine all the time just makes a desert”

“My purpose that I know right now is that I want to leave the world a better place than I found it. And the best chance I have of doing that is writing and singing songs,” shared the singer. We could not agree more! Rodgers was made for the life he is living, and In It for the Money EP is an incredible reflection of that.

Jameson Rodgers' EP, 'In It For The Money' is out now, April 23rd

Jameson Rodgers’ EP, ‘In It For The Money’ is out now, April 23rd

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