Dylan Scott: ‘Livin’ My Best Life (Still)’ – Deluxe Album Review

Dylan Scott’s brand new deluxe album, Livin’ My Best Life (Still)is out now, March 29th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the new songs here.

Back in 2022, Dylan Scott released his first project in three years, an album called Livin’ My Best Life. The record featured sixteen incredible songs including fan-favorites, “New Truck” and “Good Times Go By Too Fast.” Today, Scott is celebrating the album’s incredible life with the deluxe version called Livin’ My Best Life (Still), featuring 26 songs in total.

The record as a whole in an incredible compilation of party songs, true-blue country songs, honest tracks, and overall songs that depict where Scott is in his life and in his career. Fan favorite new songs like, “This Town’s Been Too Good To Us,” “I’ll Be A Bartender,” and “Boys Back Home” all depict different sides of the Louisiana-born star. Similar to “Boys Back Home,” featuring Dylan Marlowe, “Me and My Kind” has Scott firmly planted in his country-roots. While naysayers may be sick of this narrative, the singer does it in a way that is both refreshing and authentic to who he is as an artist, something we appreciate.

On songs like “What He’ll Never Have,” “What I’d Want Mine To Say,” and “Getting Out Alive,” Scott leans into his more vulnerable song. “What He’ll Never Have’ depicts a love story that might not work out, while the other two tracks showcase a more introspective side to the singer. Two of our favorites off the project, both “What I’d Want Mine To Say” and “Getting Out Alive” remind us how short life truly is and to live life to the fullest. Another standout track, “Heartbeat of America” depicts all of the cliches in a country love song in a way that works. Scott reminds listeners, yet again, that the simple things are often the most important.

Other notable new additions come at the end of the project. Scott collaborated with fast rising, EDM-country artists VAVO on a new version of both “Good Times Goo By Too Fast” and “This Town’s Been Too Good to Us.” Both renditions bring a fun and dance-ready vibe to the already incredible tracks.

Overall, Livin’ My Best Life (Still) is an elevated version of exactly what we have come to expect (and want) from Dylan Scott. The singer continues to be unapologetically himself and makes music that his fanbase can relate to, find themselves in, and enjoy all at the safe time.

Livin’ My Best Life (Still) Track List:

  1. This Town’s Been Too Good to Us
  2. What He’ll Never Have
  3. Boys Back Home
  4. Me and My Kind
  5. I’ll Be a Bartender
  6. What I’d Want Mine to Say
  7. Heartbeat of America
  8. Getting Out Alive
  9. New Truck
  10. Amen to That
  11. Can’t Have Mine
  12. In Our Blood
  13. Static
  14. Lay Down With You
  15. Boy I Was Back Then
  16. Livin’ My Best Life
  17. Killin’ Some Time
  18. Ain’t Much Left of Me
  19. Leave Her Alone
  20. Tough
  21. Hell Out Of Me
  22. Nobody
  23. Good Times Go By Too Fast
  24. Nothing to Do Town
  25. Good Times Go by Too Fast (Vavo Remix)
  26. This Town’s Been Too Good to Us (Vavo Remix)

Country Swag Picks – 

  1. Getting Out Alive
  2. What I’d Want Mine To Say
  3. This Town’s Been Too Good to Us (Vavo Remix)
  4. Boys Back Home

Dylan Scott’s deluxe album, ‘Livin’ My Best Life (Still)’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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