Dylan Scott: ‘Livin’ My Best Life’ – Album Review

Dylan Scott’s brand new album, Livin’ My Best Lifeis out now, August 5th on all streaming platforms. Take a listen and read our full review below.

Over three years since the release of his EP, Nothing to Do Town, Dylan Scott is back with a new full-length album, Livin’ My Best Life. Eight of the album’s sixteen tracks were co-written by Scott, allowing the Louisiana native to show his different sides. The singer-songwriter truly flexes his best life here, reveling in everything from church pews to raucous stage shows to nights at home with the love of his life. 

The new album also features co-writes by Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Mitchell Tenpenny, HARDY, Morgan Wallen, and more of Nashville’s biggest names, and their influences can be heard throughout this album. While Scott puts his patented growl and country twang on each and every song, hints of different writers can be found on their respective tracks.

For example, the album’s title track shows that Scott could easily be the long-lost third member of Florida Georgia Line, crooning over the breezy summer anthem about living life to the fullest, as he drops a “YOLO” in the lyrics. Co-written by FGL’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, along with Thomas Rhett and Corey Crowder, the track is the perfect mood lifter and crowd-pleaser.

“I’m just out here livin’ // Out here livin’ // Livin’ my best life, aye // And I’m just out here chillin’ // Feelin’ like a million // Kickin’ it like it’s my birthday // Hey I’ma do exactly what I want // I’ma sip // Sip on somethin’ strong singin’ // I’m just out here livin’ // Out here livin’// Livin’ my best life.”

While Scott can do a party anthem with the best of them as evidenced on tracks like “Amen to That” and “Nothing to Do Town,” he shines when he’s showing his softer side. This is endlessly apparent on songs like “Can’t Have Mine,” “Boy I Was Back Then,” “Lay Down with You” and “Tough.”

“Can’t Have Mine (Find You a Girl),” which has become a bit of a TikTok sensation, shows Scott adoring a woman in his life, as he proclaims all of the virtues she has, before teasing “take it from me // That’s the kind you need to find // You just can’t have mine.” Meanwhile, on the sultry “Lay Down With You,” he admits that the best part of his day is when it’s over and he can just cuddle up with someone special. 

“Tough” cleverly shows Scott’s softer side, as he warns his son of all the times when it’ll seem impossible to be tough, ranging from nearly losing the love of your life to watching her walk down the aisle. Likewise, the singer-songwriter is introspective on “Boy I Was Back Then,” admitting that it would be hard for someone to love him if they knew him in his wild, younger days.

A clear highlight of the album is “In Our Blood,” Scott’s anthemic duet with Jimmie Allen. On the darkly melodic tune, the pair harmonize over the fact that, despite our differences, we’re all humans who bleed red. The song of unity finds the pair seeking common ground, admitting that “we might do things in a different way // But we all want love and we all need grace // Everybody bleeds red at the end of the day.”

“New Truck” finds Scott seeking to trade-in his beloved truck because of the memories it holds. In this mid-tempo musical car ad, he proclaims the truck’s virtues before admitting that he’s looking for something to give him a fresh start.

“I need a new truck // There ain’t nothing wrong with mine // It’s got forty-something thousand miles // And the engine runs just fine // I need one she ain’t climbed up in // That ain’t played her favorite songs // Need some glass that we ain’t fogged up // That her bare feet ain’t been on // I need a hood that we ain’t laid on // Kissing ’til that sun came up  // That’s all that’s wrong with this one // If you’re looking you’re in luck // I need a new truck.”

On “Killin’ Some Time,” “Static” and “Good Times Go By Too Fast,” Scott is introspective, enjoying the time he has on this earth, while realizing that it’s temporary. On “Static,” he’s escaping the hubbub of his daily life and “driving ‘til there’s nothing but static on the radio” so he can spend some time with the man upstairs. Meanwhile, he’s enjoying his temporary home on “Killin’ Some Time” and enjoying the life he’s been given.

Meanwhile, “Good Times Go By Too Fast” is reminiscent of Kenny Chesney’s “Don’t Blink,” as Scott laments about how time flies when you’re having fun. “Yeah, I wish time would tick a little slower // Sometimes I feel like I blink and it’s over // Better soak it in // Better make it last // Live it up while we can // ‘Cause the good times go by too fast.”

After listening to Dylan Scott’s new album, it’s endlessly apparent why he went with the title Livin’ My Best Life. Through this new sixteen-song collection that runs the gamut of simple life, faith, family, and not shying away from a good time, it’s evident that Scott is doing just that.

Dylan Scott – Livin’ My Best Life Track List:

  1. New Truck – Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Ben Johnson, Ashley Gorley 
  2. Amen To That – James McNair, Michael Hardy, Mark Holman, Morgan Wallen 
  3. Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl)” Dylan Scott, Josh Melton, Dallas Wilson, Matt Alderman
  4. In Our Blood (feat. Jimmie Allen)” David Fanning, Brad Rempel, Matt McGinn 
  5. Static – Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson 
  6. Lay Down With You – Dylan Scott, Matt Alderman, Dallas Davidson 
  7. Boy I Was Back Then – Dylan Scott, Matt Alderman, Thomas Archer
  8. Livin’ My Best Life – Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Thomas Rhett, Corey Crowder 
  9. Killin’ Some Time – Dylan Scott, James McNair, Matt Alderman, Mark Holman 
  10. Ain’t Much Left Of Me – Dylan Scott, Taylor Phillips, Matt Alderman, Cole Taylor 
  11. Leave Her Alone – Dallas Wilson, Ernest K Smith, Mitchell Tenpenny 
  12. Tough – Cameron Bedell, Emily Landis, Claire Douglas 
  13. Hell Outta Me – Tommy Cecil, Matt Alderman, Kelsey Hart 
  14. Nobody – Dylan Scott, Matt Alderman, Dallas Wilson 
  15. Good Times Go By Too Fast – Matt Alderman, Dylan Scott, Will Weatherly 
  16. Nothing To Do Town – Dylan Scott, John Taylor, Matt Alderman

Country Swag Picks – 

  1. New Truck
  2. Tough
  3. In Our Blood

Dylan Scott’s new album, ‘Livin’ My Best Life’ is out now.

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