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Artist and songwriter, Devin Dawson’s latest project, The Pink Slip EP is officially available now, January 15th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new record and take a look below as we dive into the new music.

It has been three years since singer-songwriter Devin Dawson graced music fans everywhere with his debut record Dark Horse. The soulful crooner proved right then and there that he was going to continue to make great music throughout his blossoming career. Flash forward to today, we finally have a brand new EP to dig in to, Dawson’s latest project The Pink Slip EP.

Keeping up with his soulful, eclectic, and edgy vibes, the collection of music proves that Dawson knows exactly who he is as an artist. The six-song project features heartfelt lyrics, groovy instrumentals, and a whole lot of heart. Opening up with two out of the three previously released songs, “Range Rover” and “I Got A Truck,” Dawson showcases his talent and charm right off the bat.

“Range Rover” depicts a story of a girl that everyone thinks is perfect, but in actuality, she is a gold digger. Without saying it per se, Dawson finds a way to convey that message pretty clearly through the hooky song. With a killer production to back the lyrics, Dawson creates something innovative and unique.

“I Got A Truck” is just as anthemic, featuring truth-telling and a meticulous knack for song-writing. We first got a taste of the incredible song two years ago at his sold-out show at the Bowery Ballroom and learned about the song’s evolution from a true story about Tim McGraw to now.

“I tricked myself into writing a song for myself. […] It’s become more evident every single time I play it now that it’s part of my repertoire. I was writing a song about his [McGraw] life, but it’s also about my life too, and the parallels between it,” shared Dawson in a recent conversation with our Managing Editor, Christina. Check out the full virtual interview in the video above.

“Not On My Watch” continues the standing your ground mentality that was fermented in the opening tracks. Dawson once again proves that he knows how to create songs that personify all sorts of emotions.

The next set of tracks off the new project lean into a more romantic and vulnerable side of the singer. One of our favorites, “Whatever Forever Is” is all about that one of a kind love that led him to his wife. “I used to write love songs about where I wanted to be and now I write love songs about where I’m at,” shared Dawson in our virtual interview. The statement is a perfect statement to describe “Whatever Forever Is”.

Next up, “He Loved Her” is the last song Dawson pre-released prior to the record drop date. The song honors his grandfather, calling it “one of the most important songs [that he] has ever written or released.” Infused with funky beats, when stripped down, “He Loved Her” is true-blue country music, story-telling at it’s finest.

Finally, the record ends with “Whose Gonna Hold Ya.” The song is as rhythmically pleasing as the lyrics are catchy. Inspired from thinking about faith and fidelity, Dawson finds a way to resonate with fans, while still remaining true to his authentic roots as an artist.

You can really picture the singer-songwriter just jamming with his friends and the excitement on his face, while this project came to fruition. It is clear that our dark horse has found a semblance of peace and happiness. The Pink Slip EP represents the evolution of Dawson, and we are here for it!

Devin Dawson's The Pink Slip EP is available now

Devin Dawson’s ‘The Pink Slip EP’ is available now

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The Pink Slip EP is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.