First Impression: Devin Dawson ‘Dark Horse’

Devin Dawson Dark Horse


Continuing the trend of great music being released in the new year, Devin Dawson‘s debut full-length album Dark Horse is finally here.  The soulful crooner grew up near the famed Folsom Prison in Calfornia, yes the same one that Johnny Cash performed at in the 1950’s.  Dawson is proud of his California roots, and the steps he took to get to where he is today in the music industry. Including spending time in a heavy metal band and growing up listening to R&B music as well as country music.


His highly anticipated album, Dark Horse is a culmination of years working towards releasing music to the world.  The lead single, “All On Me” has garnered over 43 million streams on Spotify, introducing his new blend of music to country music fans who are looking for something different.

Highlights on the LP include the title track, which unapologetically describes Dawson himself, his outlook on life and his career. (“Anyone who ain’t afraid to stray off course / My heart bleeds for country music, where the honest outlaw truth is / no I ain’t no white knight, I’m a little more dark horse.”)  



Dawson spins lyrics into images with “War Paint” a tale of revenge on a cheating man. (“She ain’t crazy but she’s gonna make him pay / you can see it on her face, black mascara moulin rouge, blood red lipstick high heeled shoes / it’s her turn to do him wrong, that ain’t makeup that she got on, its war paint / go on girl  make that man feel your pain”) The record ends with “Prison” which a rocking mid-tempo closer, paralleling a love story to unavoidable confinement.

Late in 2017, Dawson performed in an intimate setting at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall, introducing members of the music industry to these new songs.  Check out a full recap of the evening here.  Listen to the full album below.




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