Seaforth Drops Brand New Heartwrenching Song “Breakups”

Australian pop-country duo, Seaforth released another new track titled “Breakups” today, January 15th, available on all streaming platforms. Written by the band members Mitch Thompson and Tom Jordan, along with Liz Rose and Cameron Bedell, this somber song can heavily relate to those who ended a relationship with someone they not only loved but considered their best friend.

The song’s plot is set around a man who is a few drinks in at a bar late at night. He cannot stop thinking about the one who got away and is close to shooting her a message, even though the end result is always negative.

The duo’s harmonies throughout the track deliver the message so beautifully and make it hard not to feel sad for this fictional person. Breakups are tough on both parties but are always more difficult for the one who was broken up with, especially when you felt they were more of a friend than a lover. The man even winds up getting another girl’s number, but cannot leave with her because his heart is still in too much pain from the last relationship.

Thompson and Jordan sing the first half of the song over nothing but a light piano and acoustic guitar, but the production gradually increases in the second and third choruses, building the drama and emotion even more.

Seaforth Breakups

Seaforth’s new song “Breakups” is available now

I said I wouldn’t call / We said we wouldn’t talk at all, it always ends bad / But I’m looking at my phone / And if you’re not alone I don’t think I can take that

With plenty of new releases over the past seven months, Seaforth gives fans reason to believe that they must be nearing their debut album. Along with “Breakups,” the duo has put out catchy tracks like “Close Enough,” and “Everything Falls For You.” They also have four songs from their Love That EP, which came out in April of 2019. While we eagerly await a full project, in the meantime, fans can enjoy the covers they sing and the comical videos they post on their Instagram page.

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“Breakups” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.