Chris Janson: ‘All In’ – Album Review

Chris Janson’s brand new album, All In, is out now, April 29th on all streaming platforms. Take a listen and read our full review below.

On his fourth studio album, out April 29, Chris Janson is “All In.” Here, the singer-songwriter embraces the country sounds of yesterday and today, putting out a sixteen-track collection that is the epitome of great country music.

The album features collaborations with country superstars Eric Church, Rhett Akins, and Travis Tritt, as well as the bittersweet single “Bye Mom.” Janson co-produced the album, revealing in a statement, “I’m in my thirties and I’m super comfortable with who I am. I think it starts with that. I’m comfortable with who I am, which makes my music easy and comfortable.”

His forthcoming single “Keys to the Country” kicks the album off in high gear, an ode to the life of a country boy. He may not know the coolest places in town, but when it comes to country life, he’s the best there is. 

“’Cause I got the keys to the country // Sittin’ in my F-350 I know where to park // Way out in the dark // Where the stars shine down so pretty // Got the keys to the gate to the Johnson’s Lake // A little honey hole to take you // Honey I ain’t got the keys to the city // But I got the keys to the country.”

Throughout All In, Janson continues to celebrate the best things about the country lifestyle, including tracks like “Small Town Big Time”, “The Reall Bass Pro”, and “Cold Beer Truth.” On the latter, he admits that “life looks better after you’ve had a few.” Likewise, “We Did it Anyway” is the embodiment of a classic country tune about a youth spent living fast and free.

One of the album’s clear standouts is “You, Me, & the River,” Janson’s duet with Eric Church. It’s a dark murder ballad that is sure to be talked about for years to come. Interestingly, the track represents the first song Janson has recorded that he didn’t write, as it was written solely by the Chief. Here, the two tell the tale of a woman and her affair and the river that hides it all.

“Hey buddy, hey buddy ain’t that Mississippi muddy // And this time of year, she takes what you give her // So tonight I’ll lay me down to sleep // And pray my soul and a secret to keep // Between you, me, and a river…”

Another clear highlight is the raucous “Things You Can’t Live Without” with golden-voiced icon Travis Tritt, the pair trading verses about all of the best things in their lives. They celebrate the simple things like “Mountain Dew in my refrigerator // Kids running ‘round the house,” while Janson contributes an impressive harmonica solo.

Janson’s love for his wife Kelly can be felt throughout many of the tracks on All In, including on the mid-tempo title track. Perfect for radio, the song tells the tale of how the singer-songwriter found himself “all in” with his wife from day one, as he admits “that pounding in my heart left no doubt in my mind.” Meanwhile, “Too Far Gone” and “Love Don’t Sleep” both celebrate the kind of love that’s too good to sleep through, Janson musing “so much love to make, so little time… When you’re in this deep, love don’t sleep.”

Co-written by Eric Church, “Flag on the Wall” may just be Janson’s best vocal performance to date, his passion shining through with every word as he begs for unity. “We all blue and we all red // And we support the boys that fall // With a Bible on the table // And a flag on the wall.” Likewise, the album’s closing song, “My American Life,” celebrates all of the good things about the U.S.A. “In my American world // It’s where freedom rings // This is the land of opportunity// Yeah, we love our flag // We love listening to Merle // Yeah, I really, really, really, really love my American world.” On All In, Chris Janson continues to do what he does best, and that’s make solid country music. The singer-songwriter is as country as they come, and it’s evidenced clearly on this album from the opening notes of “Keys to the Country” to the final closing notes of “My American Life” and every minute in-between.

All In Track List

  1. “Keys to the Country”* (Chris Janson, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley, Zach Crowell)
  2. “We Did It Anyway”* (Chris Janson, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley, Chris Stevens)
  3. “Cold Beer Truth”** (Brad Clawson, Mitch Oglesby, Rob Pennington, Chris Janson)
  4. “You, Me & the River” (feat. Eric Church) (Eric Church)
  5. “Halfway to Crazy” (Chris Janson, Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, Ben Hayslip)
  6. “Bye Mom”* (Chris Janson, Brandon Kinney)
  7. “Love Don’t Sleep” (Chris Janson, Mitch Oglesby, David Frasier, John Edwards)
  8. “The Reel Bass Pro” (Chris Janson, Mitch Ogelsby, Shane Profitt)
  9. “Too Far Gone” (Chris Janson, Marv Green, Ben Hayslip)
  10. “Flag on the Wall” (Chris Janson, Eric Church)
  11. “All In”* (Chris Janson, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley, Zach Crowell)
  12. “Here and Gone” (Chris Janson, Casey Beathard)
  13. “Things You Can’t Live Without” (feat. Travis Tritt) (Chris Janson, David Lee Murphy, Deric Ruttan, Chris Stevens)
  14. “Small Town Big Time” (Chris Janson, Jimmy Yeary, Tim Nichols)
  15. “You Never Did” (Chris Janson)
  16. “My American World” (Chris Janson, Kelly Roland, Shane Profitt)

Chris Janson’s new album ‘All In’ is out now.

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