NYCS First Impression: Chris Janson’s ‘Everybody’

Chris Janson's Everybody

Released today, Everybody is Chris Janson’s highly anticipated sophomore album.  For fans, the title says it all, everybody will find something to love on this record even if it is just an appreciation for the hard work and incredible stamina Janson pours into his craft.

“I’m so proud of my new album and happy to share a full preview of it so people can hear the depth and diversity of the music,” said Janson in a press release regarding giving fans a chance to hear the album early. “With this album you really get a sense of who I am. No one could ever question if it’s real or not, or if I’m really this guy. I lived all these songs, I wrote all these songs and they all come from an absolutely real place.”

Co-writing all 12 tracks on the project, Janson has a hand in telling his story the way he wants to.  Whether it’s fun songs like “Who’s Your Farmer” or the debut single “Fix a Drink” or a more serious note like “Bein’ A Dad” and “Drunk Girl” his true personality shines through.

While the radio-friendly, “Out There”, and “Name On It” have the potential to be huge hits for the singer, “Our World” sounds like it was specifically recorded for Janson’s live set, featuring his signature harmonica skills and will be the perfect sing-along for fans.  Most recently opening for Sam Hunt at Madison Square Garden the crowd came out in full force singing to all of Janson’s hits.

When Janson sings love songs such as “Eyes For Nobody But You” you can feel that he actually lives those emotions.  During his energetic live set, he takes time to slow things down and tell the story of the first night he met his wife, their journey together and the true sentiment of love that they share.  As a songwriter, “Bein A Dad” is a standout track, highlighting the true feelings wrapped up in being a parent.

“It keeps me young, it takes me back / it makes me cry it makes me laugh / it’s what I do it’s why I breathe / my flesh and blood, my legacy / it’s the hardest and most rewarding job I’ve ever had, ain’t nothing like bein’ a dad.”

Overall, Everybody cohesively sums up the type of artist Janson is striving to be.  By putting his marriage, his family and his love for music at the forefront of his album he attracts different types of country music fans.

Tune in alert: Don’t miss Chris Janson performing “Fix A Drink” on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan next Tuesday, September 26th. To catch his incredible live set check out