Caylee Hammack Q&A & Performance at YouTube Space in NYC

Caylee Hammack YouTube Space NYC

With her luscious fiery red hair, glittery eyeshadow, fringe skirt, and southern drawl, Caylee Hammack entered YouTube Space NY for her Q&A with Esquire’s Madison Vain like the southern sweetheart she is, truly thanking everyone for coming. But it didn’t take long for her innocent look to reveal what was underneath: a passionate, opinionated, loving woman from Georgia, rising from the ashes with bumps and bruises along the way who loves to make country music.

She talks of her single “Family Tree” and how it was her story, born from the people in her life who raised her, complete with Tupperware parties and burnt chicken that her mother denies, some tongue-in-cheek humor, and maybe a few swear words thrown in. She does admit to being a little bit of a redneck, and as a lover of words, she says, “some words it’s not they mean, it’s how you say it, it’s how it feels on the tip of your tongue; all these things lend its hand to songwriting.”

Caylee Hammack YouTube

With tones of Reba and soul like Adele, Hammack’s songs make you feel something in your bones, connecting with people through music, of which she says God put her on Earth here to do. She first played “Redhead”, a song about raising a child with the fire and spirit of a passionate redhead. “Raised a little hell, when they raised a little redhead”. This has a little Miranda Lambert sound, and with her energy on stage, she’s a star with a powerhouse voice. No wonder she couldn’t give up her dreams for a guy, the song “Small Town Hypocrite” tells the story of, full of utter wringing in her heart. She played “New Level of Life” which she had never played in front of a live audience before, guiding the audience through getting over someone in the best way possible, taking them to their higher self and feeling so much better. “Forged in the Fire” originated from the quote her dad would always say, but came true too soon when her own house burned down 2 years ago, and she somehow managed to find the brightest light through the love and help of the people who got her through that.

Caylee Hammack NYC

Having toured with Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley, this girl is on the rise and no one can stop her. She’s a force to be reckoned with and a heart to connect with, and we can’t wait until all of these songs released.

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