Caylee Hammack Offers Encouragement with “Forged in the Fire”

Caylee Hammack Forged in the Fire

During last Sunday’s ACM Presents: Our Country, while most other artists performed familiar songs or hits, Capitol/UMG Nashville’s Caylee Hammack took the opportunity to debut a brand-new unreleased song, “Forged in the Fire.” Her performance, though only aided by an acoustic guitar and mic set-up, was delivered with a tear in her voice that begged to cry, “I’ve been through this.”

Hammack’s approach was much like her label mate Eric Church’s “Never Break Heart”, they both shared a never-heard-before song with a timely and hopeful message that encouraged us to embrace life’s trials; or the forging in our fires.

“When does a Phoenix learn how to fly? / Do I get my wings when I stop asking why? / How do I start moving on and moving past, stop holding on, looking back / when God’s hell-bent on making me a fighter? // Forged in the Fire,” the vocal powerhouse sings introspectively. While writer credits are not yet public knowledge, we’d bet this redheaded fireball had a hand in penning it.

“Forged in the Fire” is a true standout because of its vulnerable and relatable lyrics– qualities which country music prides itself on. Its message, though surely personal to the Georgia native, is also universal. It does not seek to preach or advise from a top-down approach but, instead, empathizes and encourages.

Ultimately, there are no grey lines or ambivalence for Hammack. Evinced best in the bridge, she chooses a ‘this or that’ approach in finding a resolution. If she wants to see better days, she has to persevere through the forging and trust the process.

“Am I glass or am I iron? Will I last or will I tire? Can broken be beautiful again? / Am I glass or am I iron? Will I shatter or will I rise higher? From the ashes, I’ve been buried in”

Have you been through hardship? Have you doubted your purpose in life? Have you compared your journey with others? Are you nowhere near where you want to be? Has life continuously dealt you with bad cards that you wonder when it’ll end? Or presently, has your life turned a 180 by this coronavirus pandemic and quarantine?

Then watch Hammack’s moving performance, and let country music give you that extra boost needed to push through the odds you’re facing.

P.S.: We’re waiting with eager anticipation until Hammack finally releases this song! Until then, let her acoustic performance tide you through.

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