Throwback Thursday: Tim McGraw Songs You May Have Forgotten

Tim McGraw is one of the most recognizable country music superstars. With his unique voice, he managed to become known for his ability to stir up a wide range of emotions from heart-melting ballads to toe-tapping, dancehall tunes. As he once said in USA Today “There’s a lot of people who can pick up a guitar and sing you a great song, but there’s a very few people that can tell you how they feel. That’s the main purpose of acting or doing an opera or painting or anything. It’s to tell somebody how you feel and more importantly, tell them how they feel.”

In all of McGraw’s songs, this sentiment is undeniable especially in “It’s Your Love”, “Speak To a Girl”, “Don’t Take The Girl” or “Humble and Kind”.


With 15 studio albums, 21 singles to hit number one on the Billboard Hot Country 100 chart, 3 singles named the number one country song of the year (It’s Your Love, Just To See You Smile, and Live Like You Were Dying), 3 Grammys, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards and 3 People’s Choice Awards, McGraw is certainly one of the most decorated artists of our time. Here are a few songs that we love, that you may have forgotten about. 


  1. Welcome To The Club –  This first song is for those who were dumped and broken-hearted.  “You gave her everything you thought she wanted/ Now all you want is gone/ you’re just one of many broken-hearted/ Wondering what went wrong/ Welcome to the club” 


  1. Tears In The Rain  – While listening you can feel his sadness because his love might come back if she could see his tears in the rain. “Now, I’ll regret that moment ‘cause I didn’t let her know/ How much I still loved her, I was hopin’ it would show/ But the raindrops and the teardrops ran together on my face/ Now she’ll never ever know no one can take her place”


  1. The Great Divide – Sometimes an argument can lead to a great divide which is hard to overcome. The hole between two people can bo so deep that even if they want to bury it but the ground would still tender. “And it’s a long, long way/ Across the great divide/ The songs that they once sang/ Now echo far and wide/ They could still get back/ All the love that they have lost/ But only if they both will reach across/ ‘Cause it’s a long, long way to the other side/ Of the great divide”


  1. You Just Get Better All The Time – One of these songs where love is almost touchable and you can feel the affection. A wonderful piece of music. “You just get sweeter every day/ The little things you do and say/ If only you could see you through my eyes/ You just get better all the time”


  1. Senorita Margarita – When your heart is sad and you need someone to comfort you but the one you love is the cause of heartache you need senorita margarita. “Senorita, margarita I’m as lonesome as a man can be/ I still love her/ I still need her/ I’m just hoping you can comfort me/ I don’t want to do her wrong/ I don’t need somebody new/ I just can’t be alone tonight/ So senorita, margarita, let me hold you tight”


  1. Let Me Love You – A country song with a Latino vibe, now you’ve heard it all. It will make you sway to the rhythm and feel like a professional samba dancer.  “Show me what it is like to lose control/ Free the desire in your soul/ Oh oh let me love you/ Let me take you the place like nowhere else/ Show you the things you never felt/ oh oh let me love you” 


  1. Home – There’s no place like home sweet home. Home is not just a building it’s much more, it’s feelings and memories. It’s almost like a time machine that can take you to happy and simple times. “Later on we’ll sit around/ Bellies tight from supper/ telling all them stories/ That we just can’t get enough of/ And somewhere in an honest laugh/ It’ll finally hit me that I’m/ Home”


  1. Old Town New – a blue song because of the painful past. A Town, people, and places remind of a failed relationship that’s why you have to make old town new. “Color other than blue again/ I would have something to do again/ Instead of thinking about you again/ But the people I know/ The places I go/ Remind me of you/ Oh, somebody came around/ And make this old town new”


  1. Open Season On My Heart“I can’t blame anyone but me/ This reckless fool I’ve come to be/ My tired excuses just don’t fit/ It don’t look good from where I sit/ I’ve tried to change without much luck/ I reached the point where I get stuck/ I hit the streets and the fireworks start/ It’s open season on my heart” 


  1. Forever Seventeen Letting go of past experiences and moving on in life is easier to say than to do it and contemplating life choices and past is effortless but not painless. That’s why we should remember that we’re not flawless, we make mistakes and past is the past. “A reckless lover, a father figure/ You search for both in every man you meet/ You’re not a mother ad sometimes you wonder/ if a son or daughter just might make you feel complete/ But no, you don’t need someone else/ No, it’s hard enough to learn to love yourself”


McGraw’s ability to hone in on all kinds of emotions through songs makes him really special, one of the kind. He performed many memorable songs and sang many amazing lesser-known tracks that will stay in the hearts of his most devoted fans. 

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