Hot County Knights Drop Hilarious “The USA Begins with US”

Hot Country Knights USA Starts with Us

90s-inspired country group, the Hot Country Knights released a new track, “The USA Begins With Us” last Friday from their debut album The K is Silent, which comes out on May 1st. The patriotic record is more of a speech than a song, led by front-man, Doug Douglason. He discusses the things in life that try to divide us and reminds listeners that the USA begins with ‘us’ and by coming together as a nation, we will see the necessary change. At least that was message he was trying to get across. Watch this inspirational public address below!

“These days, there are a lot of people that want to divide us,” Douglason announced to the ‘sold-out crowd’. “Well, I’m no math genius like all those smarty dudes up there in D.C., but I know that division is the exact same thing as subtraction…and the Knights are not about subtraction, we’re all about addition! In fact, an American probably invented addition.”

After the song part of the speech, members of the band mouthed famous quotes from political figures such as Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” and Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Although Douglason’s intended message may have been unclear, it relates to current times. By following the government’s orders of social-distancing and staying inside, we can survive the coronavirus-infested world we are living in now. It also gives us something to laugh at during these extremely trying times.

The Knights were scheduled to headline their own tour starting this week. However, like all other shows and events, it has been postponed with new dates to be named later. Country fans were very excited to see the Hot Country Knights get their big break, but Douglason assured that the Knights will return to the stage.

“Although we are pretty familiar with all types of viruses, we realize that our fans may not have the same immunity built up,” Douglason admitted on the Knights’ website. “Don’t worry though, if history has proven anything it’s that nothing – not even a worldwide pandemic – can keep The Knights down for long. We’ll be baaaaaaack!”

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