Brandon Lay Named Vevo’s 2019 DSCVR Artist to Watch

Brandon Lay

Last week, country singer Brandon Lay was named “Vevo’s 2019 DSCVR Artists to Watch.” It is a huge honor for Lay, as he was one of only 20 artists from all over the world that was chosen to perform Vevo Originals of his songs. In fact, Lay is representing country music as the only country artist chosen.

It is no surprise that Lay is named as a rising artist after his debut single “Speakers, Bleachers, & Preachers” received plenty of airtime and recognition. His second single “Yadda, Yadda, Yadda” is currently climbing the country music charts.

Lay released “Miss and Tell” and “For My Money” live with his band for Vevo on December 7th.  He brings a unique flair to both performances, and with catchy lyrics and beats, the recognition as an up-and-coming artist is well deserved.

“For My Money” has an old-school rock vibe to it as he talks about a woman that likes to fly in private jets, live the city high life dream, and wants to be with him because she thinks he’s rich.  The chorus, however, tells a different story with lyrics “She only loves me for my money, the thing that she don’t know, I ain’t got none honey, but I just hate to see her go.” 

“Miss and Tell” slows things down a little bit and tells a story about a guy that sees a girl he loves and misses at a bar but does not want to show his true feelings.  Lay sings “Cause a real man don’t miss and tell, he bottles it up and keeps it down,” and as he sees the girl from across the bar he sings “keep on dancing baby through those smokey lights, I’ll be going crazy but it won’t show tonight.”

Both songs showcase the incredible talent Lay has and we are definitely looking forward to more as he continues to make a name for himself in country music and across all genres. Lay has tour dates lined up the remainder of this year and into 2019. Check out for more information.



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