Lacy Cavalier Drops New Single “Get Away With It”

Lacy Cavalier’s new single “Get Away With It” dropped on Friday, December 7, and it’s a sneaky, sassy twist on love and putting a man in his place of making her get away with falling in love with him.  She puts her feelings into words that reflect with what her fans also experience, these songs are resonating with many. The music video setting is a New York romantic scene from Times Square to riding the subway and fits the song perfectly.

She shared on social media and in the description of the music video, “The night I wrote this song I knew I wanted to share it with y’all. I started writing it as an exercise first. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. And feeling/writing sexy was and still somewhat is very far out of my comfort zone. As I began jotting things down I realized that I associated “sexy” or my confidence in that area, with one person. They were the only person that could make me act in a way that was unlike me. Or make me feel things that I’d never experienced before. I didn’t even notice until it was over tho bc I was fully in it, unwavering for so long. Now looking back it felt sneaky, like he got away w making me fall in love w him, making me who he wanted me to be, then leaving as nothing had ever happened. That it was “Get Away With It” is to me. Hope it resonates with you too.”

Cavalier’s empowering and fiery personality is keeping everyone on their toes and you can see it in in her latest two tracks dropped. Click here to check out “Cheating On U”  and stream “Get Away With It” on all digital platforms now.


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