Anonymous Group out of Nashville Release “beYoutiful”

Neon PPL

A group of anonymous talented creators from Nashville, Tennessee recently released a touching song called “beYoutiful.” The group calls themselves ‘neonPPL,’ and consists of songwriters, producers, and musicians that have yet to share their individual identities.   A female singer from neonPPL collaborated with rising county artists, Lindsay Ell, Danielle Bradbery, and Joy Williams on the empowering track.

From the first verse, the heartfelt song lyrically paints the important message of staying true to who you are and not allowing outside pressures to influence your self-esteem or self-worth. The empowering message of self-love comes across effortlessly as the members of neonPPL, Bradbery, Ell, and Wiliams blend their voices effortlessly. “You don’t have to be a hero / Back in your hometown / You ain’t gotta be a shooting star / When the sun goes down / Or an angel, or an outlaw, or the next John Wayne / Don’t gotta be the right size in the bright lights with the right last name / BeYOUtiful / Be YOUtiful / You’re the only one who can be you, so do you the best you can.””

 The song is available across all streaming platforms. Take a listen below.

Although not much is known yet about neonPPL, the collective group has been said to be comprised of talented musicians, songwriters, producers, and others, stemming from Nashville’s country music scene. Fans can expect neonPPl to continue collaborating with other artists, as they continue to release more songs.

The groups’ goal is to be a light and spread positive messages to music lovers like they have in “beYOUtiful,” a self-love anthem. One of the founders of neonPPL shared with Billboard about the uniqueness of the group in a recent interview, “We are already an established group of individuals and could have easily used that to our advantage. Instead, we wanted the singular voice of awesomeness to be heard. That doesn’t mean that we are awesome, but that positive message is. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook that in a competitive environment to get the ‘next big hit.’”

We look forward to seeing what neonPPl does next. Keep up with the group via Twitter.


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