Ray Fulcher: ‘Larkin Hill Mixes’ – EP Review

Ray Fulcher’s brand new EP Larkin Hill Mixes is out now, September 17th on all streaming platforms. Check out our full review and listen to the brand new music below.

Ray Fulcher is a name you should take note of! Fulcher is the man behind many hit songs, including many tunes for Luke Combs. Throughout the last couple of years, Fulcher has been establishing himself as an artist in his own right. Back in June, he released a three-song bundle project. Today, he is re-releasing those three songs, as well as, two new tunes in a brand new EP he titled Larkin Hill Mixes.

Keeping with his traditional take on country music, each of the five songs are ones that scream nostalgia. Beginning with the new song, “Compliment,” Fulcher unapologetically stays firm in who he is and the way he was raised. The fun and cheeky song is essentially all about laughing at your haters and just being you. Plus, it is fun and perfect for a live show!

Similarly, “Girl in It” is primed for success on the stage! The song has become a fan-favorite, and for good reason. Fulcher sings about a guy always having a girl on his mind on the new single. Specifically, it seems that a girl is the reason for almost everything in a man’s life.

“They’re why they make porch swings and half-carat rings // Carolina sunsets and California Kings // If your heart’s on fire // If everything’s spinning // If you’re going out of your mind // I bet there’s a girl in it”


Next up, “Way Out” takes us back to growing up. With clear imagery of the streets we grew up on and the people that made us. The song fits in perfectly with Fulcher’s catalog of music. The singer-songwriter has us all yearning for the good old days on this perfectly executed song.

“Bucket List Beers” is the final previously released song on the EP. It is all about celebrating life’s little moments. Fulcher reminds us that there has truly been a beer for everything, cleverly marking our lives through the years. This is a true-blue country song if there ever was one!

“That’s one of those // That you’ll never forget // That’s one of those // You’ll be glad that you did // One of them once-in-a-lifetime // Drink-em-while-you-can-kind // Six-pack souvenirs // Yeah, so raise ‘em up high // That’s some of my // Bucket list beers”

Finally, the record ends with the second brand new song, “Damn If It Didn’t Hurt.” Continuing to keep us on nostalgia lane, Fulcher shares all the experiences that stung a bit and a hurt a little. Ultimately, the singer wisely shares that things are not worth it if it didn’t hurt a little bit. Anything that is worth having is worth taking the risk. 

In just five songs, Fulcher will make you a believer in his talent. Larkin Hill Mixes is a perfect reintroduction to the singer-songwriter’s one-of-a-kind talent and heart.

Larkin Hill Mixes Tracklist

  1. Compliment
  2. Girl in It
  3. Way Out
  4. Bucket List Beers
  5. Damn If It Didn’t Hurt

Ray Fulcher’s new EP ‘Larkin Hill Mixes’ is out now, September 17th on all streaming platforms

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