Adam Doleac Shares An Acoustic Set at an Intimate NYC Venue

Guest post by Andrea Rogers for NYCountry Swag

Adam Doleac

After playing for 20,000 fans at Taste of Country Music Festival, Adam Doleac did a pop-up show at Berlin NYC on the lower east side Monday night. He told the audience that he loved playing acoustic intimate venues that allowed for more interaction with the audience and storytelling. He allowed the crowd to control the set list and joked that he knew all his own songs if anyone wanted to request his original music. “We are hopefully able to build this thing bigger and bigger as we go and continue to do stuff like this. This is the first of many pop-up shows and it’s so cool that I only posted it yesterday and y’all came”.

He joked with the audience about experiencing NYC and riding the subway. “We normally Uber and we rode the subway. Ride the subway they said. It would be fun they said. At least we are experiencing the culture of NYC” He played originals such as “Refill”, “Shady”, and “Mom and Daddy’s Money”. He opened up about his gratitude towards his parents for all they have done for him. “The best thing you can have in the world is two good parents. That’s the best start anyone can have. I was lucky enough to have two good parents. I was spoiled by them…I wouldn’t be here without them. They treated me good…I knew I could never say thank you enough in person so this was my way of thanking them via song. It’ll be around forever, they can listen to it, and I love playing it when they are in the audience. I hope I can do it as well as they did when I have my own kids”.

He announced that his next single will be “Solo” and it will be released to Sirius XM radio next Friday. NYC got to hear him play it for the first time live. “I wrote it with a track guy in the room so I didn’t have to play it and I haven’t sung it for anyone yet. The first time playing it, it could be a good thing or a bad thing” he joked. He also shared that the initials of “SOLO” mean “Stay Over Lay Over”, a play on words similar to Florida Georgia Line’s song “H.O.L.Y.”.

He also played hits such as “Whiskey’s Fine” and he shared how that song was his start two years ago on the radio. He was named “Highway Find” artist in 2017 and was our very first Swag Session back in October of that year.  He ended the night with “Puzzle of Us”, “Bigger Than Us”, and his latest hit “Famous”. “Famous” being his first #1 song on Sirius XM The Highway’s Hot 3o Countdown. “It’s the smallest song I’ve ever written but it’s doing big things at #1 on the Highway for 2 weeks, going on 3”. The inspiration behind famous is his girlfriend. There was a night she was all dressed up and his brother described her as “looking famous” which was his muse for the song. Check out our interview from last weekend at Taste of Country Festival below.

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