NYCS First Impression: Adam Doleac ‘Famous’ EP

Adam Doleac Famous EP

In October of 2017, our very first LIVE Swag Session featured none other than Adam Doleac, and in 2018, we named him as one of our Artists to Watch. Today, nearly three years since that first Swag Session, Doleac has released his Famous – EP with Sony Music Nashville.

The six-song collection features a handful of previously released tracks, including “Famous,” “Whiskey’s Fine,” and a new version of “Mom and Daddy’s Money.” Doleac also included the sultry “Neon Fools” and the mid-tempo ode to not going home alone, “Solo.”

The EP also features the driving new track, “I Choose Lonely,” one of the collection’s highlights. “If it ain’t you/ If it can’t be you/ Then maybe I choose lonely,” He sings. “I’ve never been so sure of being so damn sure of something/ And if what you got ain’t what I get then I don’t want nothing/ If it ain’t you/ Then baby maybe I choose lonely.”

While some of the EP’s other tracks may have been previously released, they include Doleac’s brilliant breakthrough hit “Whiskey’s Fine,” which features the brilliant play on words, inviting someone to “Come on in, the whiskey is fine.”

There’s also the newly recorded version of his independent release. “Mom and Daddy’s Money,” which is a piano-driven ballad telling the coming of age tale of him realizing everything his parents sacrificed and gave him. “The older I got/ The more I saw,” He admits here, “This whole time it was time they bought/ They looked out for me/ Til I didn’t need/ Mom and Daddy’s Mommy.” Doleac is at his best here, honest and heartfelt, flipping the last verse to give back to the parents that gave him so much. “Now I know where it came from/ And I know what it meant/ I know it’s hard to come by and easy to spend/ When time’s get tough/ Man I’ll never tell/ I’ll go through hell so they can live/ In the land of milk and honey/ Mom and Daddy’s money.”

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Famous – EP” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our “New Country Music” playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

Famous – EP Track List:
1. Famous
2. Neon Fools
3. I Choose Lonely
5. Mom and Daddy’s Money
6. Whiskey’s Fine




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