Abby Anderson Plays Her First Headlining Show in NYC

Last night (Oct 22.), Black River Records rising country artist Abby Anderson, had quite the memorable night playing to a sold-out crowd for her first ever headlining show, right here in New York City at the Mercury Lounge.  NYCountry Swag followers had the opportunity to win their way in to the special show all weekend long through our exclusive giveaway contest.

Nash FM 94.7 DJs Katie Neal and Jesse Addy took the stage to introduce the rising superstar. Entering the spotlight dressed in one of her signature stylish ensembles, Anderson wore a matching two-piece maroon long sleeve and pant set. Immediately starting off the night with the title track from her debut EP I’m Good, Anderson had the crowd singing along to every lyric. “Wassup everybody? Y’all ready to dance with me tonight?” Anderson said to the crowd before heading into the next song “Dance Away My Broken Heart.” Not a single person stood still for the next three minutes. Her infectious dance moves had everybody swaying to the beat.

Introducing an unreleased song titled “Closet,” Anderson shared, “I’ve been in Nashville now for a couple of years, writing songs to hopefully one day hear them on the radio and I just learned really quickly that there’s a whole bunch of beauty in sharing your story with others. So that being said, this is a little bit of mine.”  Next up was her very first single to country radio, “I just think I gotta be the luckiest girl in the world right now. To my country radio family, thank you so much for taking a chance on the new clique kid in the block. This song is called “Make Him Wait.”

Anderson continued to perform the very first song she ever released titled “This Feeling.” Teasing the crowd, “We’re gonna throw it back for a second, if you know this song, you a ‘day one homie’ okay,” said Anderson. The crowd responded with giggles and shouts before singing along.  Anderson repeatedly thanked her fans after performing each and every song.

Carrying on the night, Anderson had not one, but four surprises in store for her fans; all brand new, unheard, unreleased songs.  First up was “Greener,” an upbeat breakup story with a take on the phrase “the grass is greener on the other side.” Secondly, “A Guy Like You.”  Anderson shared the sweet story of her mother putting her into piano lessons when she was just five years old and how she made her practice every day, even when she did not want to; “But I’m glad she did because it brought me to all of you beautiful people.”

Continuously thanking the crowd, the singer-songwriter touched on a powerful message before performing “With The Radio On”, “No matter what, if you’re white, black, purple, green, whatever you are, whatever you choose to be, if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that music gets us through about anything. So if you’re like me, I hope this song means something to you, this is a little bit of my story.” Anderson belted out the moving lyrics while playing the piano.

“If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in all these shows I’ve played and all the new faces I have the privilege to meet every night, is that everybody seems to have a story and everybody seems to have history with someone, whether they like it or not. Whether it’s a fourth marriage or a first love, this song goes to you guys,” shared Anderson before playing “History.”
Closing out the show with the very last song on I’m Good, fans could not contain their excitement to sing along to the sassy anthem “Naked Truth.”

Anderson ended the night thanking her audience one final time, before letting everyone know she would be meeting every last person in the room at her merch table, where fans also had the opportunity to purchase NYCountry Swag gear for sale!  It was an unforgettable night not only for the rising artist but all of her New York City fans. Be sure to follow Anderson on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for upcoming shows and future announcements.  I’m Good is now available everywhere you stream or buy music.



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