Abby Anderson Opens for Rob Thomas in New York City

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The incredibly talented singer-songwriter Abby Anderson took the stage last night in the Big Apple to open up for Rob Thomas at the Beacon Theatre for the second night in a row. The firey Texas native was recently named Music Row’s “Next Big Thing for 2019” and her infectious personality lit up the stage.

Wearing a pair of badass tied up black high heel boots and a colorful, stylish ensemble, she said, “Thank you so much for coming to the show on a Tuesday, and thank you to Mr. Rob Thomas for letting us open for him on this tour.” Anderson has a loyal following that sang and danced to all of her songs. She has an incredible way of connecting with the audience, and in between getting everyone energized for Thomas, she gave insight into how she became an artist.

Abby Anderson Rob Thomas


Anderson shared her musical influences saying, “I grew up listening to all kinds of music, whether it was R&B, rap, and lots of country, and jokingly said, “I don’t know if you could tell by my accent.” She explained it was her Dad’s love for country music and growing up hearing it played in his truck that really influenced her. For more on her backstory check out our Swag Spotlight from last year.

Anderson sang her catchy single “Good Lord” that she recently performed at our LIVE Swag Session as well as on The Today Show. And before singing one of her newest songs, she said, “This one goes out to anyone out there with a special someone, tell them how much you love them and she sang the fun love song “Guy Like You.” Watch the Swag Session below.

The rising artist told the crowd, “I’m just a young woman myself growing up right now- the more I learn, the more I know my worth.” She continued, “All my ladies tonight, I hope you know you’re a queen, and I hope you’re getting treated like one, this song is called ‘Make Him Wait.'” Anderson also impressed the audience with songs “Dance Away My Broken Heart,” “Naked Truth,” and “I’m Good.”

She said “New York City, I am the luckiest girl,” and Anderson is definitely that. The sassy, talented young woman is making a name for herself in country music and has a bright future ahead of her. She wowed the crowd with her gentle voice, fearless energy, and unique artistry and proved herself to be one heck of an entertainer last night at The Beacon Theatre.

Rob Thomas Beacon

Next up was none other than the headliner, Matchbox 20’s frontman Rob Thomas. Although still a part of the most popular pop-rock band in all the history of music, Thomas has blurred genres over the years as a solo singer-songwriter. Even with a rocker’s edge, some of Thomas’ songs have a little bit of country flare. Thomas told the crowd, “You guys are here for us as much as we are here for you. This is not about us coming up here and playing music and you guys listening, this about a shared experience, this is about what music is about. It’s about celebrating life, it’s about celebrating being human with other humans, it’s about having a very good time and doing it together. And if you do it right, we all walk out of here into the streets of New York City and we feel like we shared a moment tonight together.” And what a moment everyone had. Thomas kept the crowd on their feet the entire show singing fan favorites such as, “3 A.M., the infamous Santana duet, “Smooth”,  “Lonely No More,” “Unwell”, “Ever The Same,” and his newest single “Can’t Help Me Now.”

You can catch Anderson opening up for Thomas’ Chip Tooth Tour throughout August. For dates and more information go to

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