Willie Jones Releases Jammin’ New Song “Down by the Riverside”

Willie Jones dropped a brand new track, “Down by the Riverside”, available everywhere you buy or stream music now, May 14th. Take a look below as we dig a little deeper into the new song.

Willie Jones is a name you’re going to want to remember. The singer-songwriter is an anomaly in country music for good reason. There are singers and there are artists, and Jones is the latter. Clearly not trying to fit in and born to stand out, Jones is the definition of a true entertainer. Combining his country roots with a clear love for hip-hop, the singer has created a sound of his own. His newest song “Down by the Riverside,” out today will give fans even more to be excited about!

From the kickoff, the new jam is a vibe. Jones digs his heels into his Louisiana roots while reminding fans of his talent. In a music landscape, where the genre is becoming less and less important, the artist shows music lovers everywhere what can be created when we focus less on genre lines and more on making good music, no matter where it fits in. Blurring genre lines between country and hip-hop, “Down By the Riverside” is a song that is hard not to love!

“You can find me out where the corn and the cotton grow // way down South, cracking bones, slamming dominoes // welcome to the ratchet Black zydeco rodeo // boss hog, I’m a dog, I’m a billy goat // down by the riverside”

We cannot wait to hear more music from Jones, whenever that may be. However, we know for a fact that he will absolutely be an incredible live performer and entertainer!

Willie Jones' new song, "Down by the Riverside" is available now, May 14th, on all streaming platforms

Willie Jones’ new song, “Down by the Riverside” is available now, May 14th, on all streaming platforms

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