Who Is VAVO? The Story Behind Their Journey To ‘YEEDM’

Who is VAVO? The DJ duo behind the ‘YEEDM’ movement joined us to chat about their journey so far. Get to know the rising stars here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – VAVO (Jesse Fischer and Alden Martin)
Birthday – Jesse: 2/28; Alden: 11/13
Hometown – Jesse: Vancouver, Canada; Alden: Surrey, United Kingdom
Current City – Windsor, California
Musical Influences – Avicii, Diplo
Label – KESS Records
Current Single – “We Got History Remix” (As of article date – 6/26/2023)

The Beginning:

This week we are finally sharing the story behind the YEEDM experts, VAVO, comprised of the talented Jesse Fischer and Alden Martin. We hosted VAVO at Rockaway Beach last month for a sold-out event, so it is clear that both country and EDM fans alike are loving the DJ duo.

Both men gravitated towards music at different times in their lives. For Jesse, who grew up in Canada, his love for music grew over time. It culminated on a spring break trip that changed his life for the better. “I got into music about 2012,” he began. “I went to a spring break in Cancun, Mexico, and there were a bunch of big DJs playing at the nightclubs and stuff, and after that I was like, this is really cool, I want to do that. So after that, I came home, quit my job, bought a little DJ board and started DJing.”

On the other hand, Alden was introduced to Dance and EDM music at just ten years old, but gravitated more towards the production side of music. “For me, it was kind of the other side of it. It was more from the production side. My uncle sort of introduced me to dance and house music back when I was ten,” he shared. Adding “During school, I really wanted to learn how to make and build a beat in all the music and records, so I was looking online, and downloaded some music software and started doing it every day for a couple of years.”

Both men began creating and releasing music separately on their own before Alden came across Jesse on social media. “I think I messaged him back in 2015 because I had heard one of his songs, and I said ‘Hey we should collab together. It would be really cool to work together.’ So we did that.”

Soon there after, they became VAVO, combining their wide variety of influences from artists like Avicii, Diplo, and David Guetta into a new sound that was all their own. “We’re not limited to one genre, so we take inspiration from a multitude of people, whether it be Avicii, David Guetta, a bunch of smaller guys too. And now we’re more into the country-pop stuff.”

The Turning Point:

Upon connecting via social media, VAVO recalls speaking everyday for a year before even releasing music together. When their first release performed well on Soundcloud, it was evident that they had to move forward together with their music. “I think we have had the success we have had because we come from different backgrounds and different tastes in music. It’s just a good melting pot,” shared the duo.

In their blossoming career, VAVO scored a number one song on the Dance music charts, as well as, gained notoriety on social media. The transition to YEEDM music has also grown their fanbase. It all started with a remix of Morgan Wallen’s catchy song, “Last Night.”

“Alden was back in the UK visiting family and Morgan’s album was coming out. I was talking to our friend, Daniel, D’lay and I was like ‘I really like this song, “Last Night” with Morgan Wallen’, so we took a crack at it,” shared Jesse. While Alden added, “I’d never heard of Morgan Wallen before being from the UK, but I loved it. […] We finished it while I was on the plane coming back, and we posted that TikTok and it blew up.”

VAVO received an incredible response from the remix when they shared it on social media. “The response that we had from that remix and “YEEDM,” we have never seen it before with anything we have ever done. It was cool because we were getting country fans who were die-hard country fans and others who were die-hard EDM fans, and it was just this mixture of both.”

The duo went on to add that while they are not the first DJs to remix country music, they are one of the firsts to truly embrace the genre. “There were artists who had remixed country songs before, but nobody had really dove completely into it and taken on the kind of YEEDM image like we have,” they shared. Adding, “Fans could tell that we were really leaning into it […]. It’s the perfect timing to have that crossover stuff.”


Flash forward to today, the new genre has taken a league of it’s own. The combination of country music and EDM, dubbed ‘YeeDM’, has fans from all genres coming together to listen and dance to the country music lyrics over dance remixes. Fans are still bumping VAVO’s mix of Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night”, as well as, new remixes of artists like Luke Combs and Priscilla Block. Most recently VAVO with D’lay combined their talents to remix Mitchell Tenpenny’s killer song, “We Got History,” which was officially released to all streaming platforms.

“We got a notification that Mitchell Tenpenny duetted our remix on TikTok and we were like “no way”,” VAVO shared when asked how the collaboration came to be. “He loved the remix and he sent us the original demos and stuff and we worked to finish it, and it just happened like that.”

The song is already exceeding expectations, growing both VAVO and Tenpenny’s fanbases. “It’s honestly crazy. A lot of these country artists, the power of social media, that remix is doing crazy numbers already really just based on social push.”

While remixes have clearly been successful for VAVO, original music is on the horizon. “For us, it’s going to be working with artists on original music. We’re going to Nashville next week for a week of just writing with a whole bunch of singer-songwriters. It’s really just developing a lot of originals and really solidifying ourselves in this kind of new genre I guess,” they shared.

Fans can be on the look out for more new music and more shows. It is only just the beginning for the incredible duo, and they are definitely about to take it to the next level! Make sure you’re following @CountrySwag on Instagram to find out when we’ll be hosting the duo next!


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