Who Is Shawn Austin? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Shawn Austin? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Shawn Austin // Photo by Chris Hornbuckle

Quick Facts:

Full Name – Shawn Austin

Birthday – January 13th

Hometown – Vancouver, Canada

Musical Influences – Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Stevie Ray Vaughan


The Beginning:

We are back again with our next installment from our Spotlight series. Today, we are urging you to take note of singer-songwriter, Shawn Austin. The talented Nashville transplant is as talented a vocalist, as he is, an overall artist. We enjoyed getting to know Austin and his story of becoming a signed country recording artist.

Shawn Austin grew up in Vancouver, Canada. “I grew up in a very musical house, but I was kind of that typical jock. Baseball was the focus for a long, long time,” began Austin. Despite being surrounded by music, the singer was all about sports. However, in high school, he began to shift his focus to another hobby, music.

In order to to take the jazz band and rock band classes offered at his high school, Austin picked up the guitar. It was a really good opportunity to hone my craft and boost my GPA at the same time.” He added later, “It certainly set the foundation for me getting here today. Shortly after I got out of high school, I started playing restaurants and bars all over Vancouver and Whistler, anywhere I could play.”

With his baseball career sidelining him due to injuries, Austin became fixated on music throughout his time in college and thereafter. “I dove in with everything I had and thank god that happened.”

The Turning Point:

Since becoming a diehard music fan, Austin studied different genres of music in order to find his own unique sound as an artist. “I’ve always considered myself a mutt of music. […] There’s a lot of classic rock, a lot of country, a lot of pop, a lot of R&B,” shard the singer when asked about his musical influences.

“It’s been a great opportunity to explore all the different genres and pull influences from other genres, but country music was always going to be the foundation,” shared the singer. Adding later, “for whatever reason, the country sound, the country storytelling, the songwriting process of that always resonated with me the most.”

Continuing to develop his sound, Austin entered into a few musical competitions back in 2013. “It exposed me to so many great artists. We all got a chance to exchange stories and I kept hearing over and over again ‘you have to move to Nashville, you have to move to Nashville’,” began the singer.

“I made my first trip down [to Nashville] in 2015 and walked Music Row and did everything you’re not supposed to do, knocking on every door, getting a million ‘nos,'” shared the singer reflecting on his first time in Music City.

“I wouldn’t trade that now, because I think it gave me so much more appreciation for when things start to roll for you. It gave me a really great opportunity to explore Nashville as well.”


Flash forward to today, Austin is a signed Nashville recording artist. He inked his record deal with Big Loud/Dallas Smith joint venture, Local Hay back in 2021. Tomorrow, June 29th, the singer is dropping his brand new EP, Planes Don’t Wait.

The record has felt like 2.5 years in the making for Austin, who really credits the time spent during the pandemic for the creative process.  “Had we not had the downtime that the pandemic brought, we would not have gotten this more concise, true project to who I am now on these seven songs,” shared the singer “These songs reflect me as a person and me as an artist, and kind of where I am in life now.”

The seven-song project is slated to be some of the best work Austin has put out yet. One of the unreleased songs, “Somewhere in Austin,” is the singer’s current favorite on the project (although it changes). Written by Jordan Dozzi, Jacob Durrett, and Craig Wiseman, the song was a late addition that Austin just fell in love with. “It’s a special song that takes me back to that sound and that kind of vibe, but elevated.”

Austin also adds, “I also really have a really big soft spot for “Tailgate To Heaven” simply because it was so full circle to have Chris Lane on a track now.” As we wait for the record to be released, fans can expect more music and live shows on the horizon for the blossoming artist. He is definitely not going anywhere!


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