Shawn Austin: ‘Planes Don’t Wait’ – EP Review

Shawn Austin’s brand new EP, Planes Don’t Wait, is out now, June 29th on all streaming platforms. Listen to the brand new music below and check out our full review.

Earlier this week we introduced you to rising artist, Shawn Austin. It is very evident how much we enjoy the singer and his incredible talent. Today, Austin releases his brand new EP, Planes Don’t Wait.

The new project kicks off with one of the singer’s favorites off the project, “Somewhere In Austin.” On the track, Austin declares how he wishes he could stop thinking about that girl. We have all been there, missing someone, who is hard to forget.

“‘Cause there’s a girl somewhere in Austin // Paintin’ on her smokey eyes, trying to find // Some neon lights to go get lost in // Slippin on her 6 inch heels while I been // Spinning wheels from Key West to Boston // Running through my mind trying to get her off it // But hell it ain’t worked yet // There’s a girl I should forget, I ain’t forgotten // Somewhere in Austin”

Next up, “Tailgate To Heaven” is arguably the song that started it all for the singer. Featuring Chris Lane, the mid-tempo track is as romantic as they come. With swoon-worthy vocals and imagery throughout the lyrics, the song is one of our personal favorites on the project.

Austin continues to lean into his romantic side with his next song “Over Here.” Unfortunately, things do not go accordingly. The singer emotes how it feels to wish you were still with someone you love. Similarly, on the title track (another one of our favorites), “Planes Don’t Wait,” Austin shares the feelings associated with a break-up.

“She’s at thirty-seven thousand feet halfway to California // and I’m runnin’ these power lines // Puttin ‘in overtime here in Georgia // Chalk it up to a one-way ticket, didn’t get it now I’m sittin ‘here missin’ her // Time don’t stop, flies by fast // Hearts still break, love don’t last // And planes don’t wait”

The fifth song on the new EP is “Get You,” a beautiful ballad. Austin proves that he knows a thing or two about love and falling in love on this incredible track. On the contrary, on “Slip,” the singer digs into the flirty side of his personality. The track reveals how it feels to meet a new possible love interest.

Austin concludes his EP with “Talk Of The Town.” The anthemic song is the perfect way to wrap the fun and emotive project. Overall, Planes Don’t Wait helps listeners get to know more about Austin and his undeniable talent, giving us a taste of what he has to offer. We cannot wait for a full-length record!

Plane Don’t Wait EP Tracklist:

  1. “Somewhere In Austin” [Jordan Dozzi, Jacob Durrett, Craig Wiseman
  2. “Tailgate To Heaven” (feat. Chris Lane) [Kelly Archer, Will Bundy, Rodney Clawson]
  3. “Over Here” [Hillary Lindsey, Josh Miller, Jordan Schmidt]
  4. “Planes Don’t Wait” [Mark Holman, Brian Kelley, Jared Mullins, Ernest Keith Smith]
  5. “Get You” [Matt Dragstrem, Josh Thompson, Laura Veltz]
  6. “Slip” [Jessie Jo Dillon, Zach Kale, Jon Nite]
  7. “Talk of the Town” [Cary Barlowe, Matt Dragstrem, Josh Thompson]

Shawn Austin’s brand new EP, ‘Planes Don’t Wait’ is out now.

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