Who Is Shane Profitt? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Shane Profitt? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Quick Facts:

Full Name – Shane Profitt
Birthdate – 01/17/2000
Hometown – Columbia, Tennessee
Current City – Columbia, Tennessee
Musical Influences – Jamey Johnson, Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings, Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard
Label – Big Machine Label Group – BMLG Records
Current Single – “Country Boys” (*as of date of article: 1/23/2023)

The Beginning:

Today we are introducing you to a singer-songwriter that we believe is on the verge of a breakout year in country music! Shane Profitt is a Tennessee native with talent that rivals anyone in the industry. His story is one of hard work and divine intervention, and of course, Chris Janson.

Growing up in Columbia, Tennessee, Profitt always loved music. He found inspiration in old-school artists like Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings, and Keith Whitley that spoke to his blue-collar upbringing. Despite an early love for music, Profitt still believed in hard work and staying humble.

Regardless, a few years ago for Christmas, his grandfather asked what he wanted, and Profitt shared that he wanted to learn how to play guitar like some of his favorite artists. His grandfather gave him the gift of music, and the singer was off to races.

“My grandad asked me what I wanted for Christmas and as you get a little bit older, you start realizing that Christmas isn’t really about presents,” began Profitt. “I just told him straight up, I’m always the one that gets an extra piece of pie and just watches everyone enjoy playing an instrument, so I’d like to learn how to play guitar.”

Just a few months later, the singer began to play shows. “Probably within six months of me picking up the guitar is when I started playing my first paid gig. I only knew like eight full songs. […] After I got done playing those eight songs, I just restarted my whole set from the start,” he shared reminiscing about one of his first gigs.

Shortly after that, Profitt began to write songs of his own. “I started writing songs as much as I possibly could. I found I really enjoyed it,” adding later, “I leaned on songwriting to express my feelings.”

With the support of his family, Profitt began pursuing his dream and working full-time. After he would get done with his job, Profitt would reach out to anyone he could via social media to sit down and write with them. On the weekends, he would play any gig he could to better hone his skills as a musician.

The Turning Point:

Despite taking every opportunity he could in Nashville and writing with as many people as possible, divine intervention also played a part. Profitt called it a “God moment.”

Aside from the fact that he did not actually like sushi, the singer-songwriter took his date to a sushi restaurant at her request. While sitting there, Profitt noticed that Chris Janson, accompanied by his wife, Kelly, and his family were also eating at the restaurant. This started Profitt’s inner dialogue, as he racked his brain to try to figure out how he was going to introduce himself to Janson.

“I had all this time to think about how I was going to go up and talk to Chris Janson. […] I had it in mind that whenever I saw Chris Janson get up to pay, I would get in line right behind him because I didn’t want to interrupt his dinner with his family,” shared Profitt.

After waiting patiently, it was finally his time to chat with Janson. “So I see Chris stand up and the girl that I was with wasn’t even done eating all the way, and I see Chris stand up and I grab our ticket, and I start walking over to Chris and we get about halfway there and he sits right back down in his booth.”

While he could have given up and retreated back to his seat, Profitt decided that it was now or never. “I was like I’m halfway committed at this point, and I walked up to the table and kneeled down […] I introduce myself and told him what a fan I was and that it would mean the world to me if he would listen to some of the songs I’ve been writing.”

Before Janson could respond, his wife Kelly, his manager and music publisher offered to write her information down, so that Profitt could send her some songs. Being the humble and respectful guy that he is, Profitt responded with,”‘Yes mam,’ and Chris looked at me and said did you just say “yes mam?” I said “Yes sir,” and he said I like that a lot.”

Ultimately his kind and polite attitude impressed Janson, so much so that he invited him to pull up a chair and talk with him and his family throughout the rest of the dinner, talking about everything from songwriting to hunting.

Two weeks after that divine meeting, Janson offered Profitt a publishing deal and asked if he wanted to open up for him on his ‘Halfway To Crazy’ tour. Of course, Profitt said yes.


Flash forward a year later, and Profitt can not believe where he is now, pursuing his music career full-time. The recording artist not only went on tour with one of his idols, but also has a single, “How It Oughta Be”, sitting in the top 25 on the country radio charts right now.

Profitt also made waves with his debut EP, Better Off Fishin’. The title track, one of our favorites off the project is based on a true story, where the singer ditched a girl he was seeing in favor of going fishing with his buddies. Despite the true nature of the song, the track is as relatable as it comes, and of course, fun to listen to.

When it comes to Profitt’s current single, “Country Boys,” the rising artist leans on his fun and personable side for the absolute smash. According to the singer, the song was a bit of luck mixed with a great idea.

“I remember this particular day, I wasn’t even supposed, to be writing, but I had the idea of “Country Boys,” and all these different ideas going with this song, and I called up two of my buddies and they actually had writes cancel that day. […] We sat down with the idea. […] I had in my mind of what would I want to listen to if it was 75 degrees and I was riding down a backroad and “Country Boys” is that for me.”

He later added, “There’s a lot of different lifestyle lines in that song and when you hear that and you might hear something that’s relatable and you might hear that and be like that’s me […] That’s what is really cool about that song.”

The sky’s the limit for Profitt. In such a short time, he has accomplished so much, and it is only just the beginning. This year fans can catch the singer on the festival circuit. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!


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