Who Is Noah Thompson? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Noah Thompson? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


Photo by David McClister

Quick Facts:

Full Name – Noah Thompson
Birthdate – 04/18/2002
Hometown – Blaine, Kentucky
Current City – Louisa, Kentucky (*Nashville, Tennessee in January 2023)
Musical Influences – Chris Stapleton, Neil Young, Kameron Marlowe, Morgan Wallen
Current Single – “Make You Rich” (*as of date of article: 11/14/22)

The Beginning:

Today, we are shining our spotlight on an artist that is as humble as he is talented. Noah Thompson, Season 2020 American Idol’s winner chatted with us about his journey thus far, new music, and everything in between.

“I’m just a small-town kid that basically came from the middle of nowhere,” began Thompson. “I grew up with a dad that was constantly embedding music into my brain from the time I came out of the womb, there was a guitar in my face.” The singer recalls gravitating towards rock and southern rock music growing up. “I loved Neil Young growing up. […] I listened to a lot of older artists, I listened to a mix.”

Despite loving music, Thompson never imagined he would become a recording artist. “It was always a dream for me to do this.” Interestingly though, it was not until after high school that he started really loving country music. “I didn’t really start getting into country music until right around the time I started to work with the boys I worked with straight out of high school,” adding later, “[It was] Keith Whitley, Eric Church […], These are the guys that got me into country.”

One of his co-workers and friends, Arthur Johnson even signed him up for American Idol, the show he went on to win.

The Turning Point:

“[Arthur Johnson] signed me up for a show called American Idol and I just kind of went into it out of the blue just to see what would happen, not knowing that I would end up winning it. […] It completely changed my life forever,” shared Thompson. “In my mind, I just wasn’t good enough and I would tell myself that […] But then along came Arthur and we were just sitting at work and he was like I’m going to sign you up and literally tricked me to coming down to audition for the producers over a phone call.”

Singing Kameron Marlowe’s “Giving You Up” at his judge’s audition, Thompson absolutely blew the judges away. Johnson even got to be there to cheer his buddy on. The experience was surreal for the singer-songwriter. “I freaking got a golden ticket and it went from there. The whole show was really just such a big learning experience for me,” he shared.

Of course, American Idol opened up doors for Thompson that he could only dream about. “I think about it every day. […] I get to play music now, hopefully for the rest of my life, and take care of my family this way. It’s pretty neat if you ask me,” shared the singer, adding, “I didn’t quite know what a record deal was, but I knew I always wanted one […] That was a very cool moment for me.”


Now, as a signed recording artist, Thompson is putting his stamp on the Nashville country music scene. Most recently, the singer released a song called, “Make You Rich,” the perfect song to encompass his journey thus far, despite being an outside cut.

Thompson recalls being pitched tons of songs, while on American Idol. “I was listening to so many songs, and we came across that song, “Make You Rich.” […] I really listened to the meaning of the words because I wanted something real and something I related to.” He found himself stuck between this song and “One Day Tonight.” While he originally went with the latter, post-show, his team encouraged him to record “Make You Rich” too.

The songs perfectly personify appreciating the little things and choosing to be a better person, a sentiment that Thompson spoke even during the interview. “I want to appreciate every little thing. I don’t want to ever feel like I need to change when it comes to that either.”

This is only just the beginning for the rising artist. As he finishes up his tour with fellow American Idol contestant, HunterGirl, Thompson is looking forward to sharing more music and officially moving to Nashville in the new year.


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