Who Is LAKEVIEW? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is LAKEVIEW? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


The Beginning:

Back in February, we were sent a music video from a brand new duo called LAKEVIEW and we were instantly hooked on their fresh sound and cool, hardworking demeanor. Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy grew up just outside of New York City and Pittsburgh respectively and bring their northern influences to Music City. Both Jesse and Luke discussed their paths to music, crediting classic country music such as Don Williams, Randy Travis as well as worship music as what was playing when they were young. Jesse’s parents were both musicians, his dad a drummer, and his mother a piano teacher and worship leader while Luke recalls picking up his father’s guitar at the tender age of 5 years old. “This is the only thing I am good at and it is the only thing that makes me feel, deep down intrinsically this is something that I want to do, it’s always been a part of my DNA,” Jesse explains. While Luke tells us “I don’t settle easily, I need to have something to look forward to and I always looked forward to playing music.”

The Turning Point:

The duo met while touring in two different metal bands ten years ago and eventually lived together in Pittsburgh, worked two different jobs together, and found themselves coming home after working their second job and started writing music together. “The reason we started writing songs together is that we were sick of hearing the same songs on the radio and a lot of it seems boring,” they tell us. “We wrote what we would want to hear on the radio. There are a lot of guys out there that we look up to, FGL, Jordan Davis, Chris Lane, they create their own lane and do it really well and we pull a lot of inspiration from them, they have helped expand the genre. We love the idea of pushing it as far as we can get, because why not.”

After friends had sent their demos to the team at Photo Finish Records and they showed interest, Jesse and Luke decided to pursue a career in country music, signing a record deal and making the move to Nashville where they have lived for a little over a year. Working hard and tirelessly to make sure you achieve their musical dreams is something this duo is proud of. They will never take for granted a single opportunity that they are granted because they have been hustling in this business for years. “Every song we write, we take very, very serious. We are making it happen because we love it and we wouldn’t rather be doing anything else,” they explain.


LAKEVIEW has released three tracks so far in 2020, “Poor Me”, “Eyes Closed”, and most recently “Rain Down”. Their authentic approach to blending genres and melding their own unique sound has grabbed the attention of fans in country music as well as fans who have followed them from their previous musical endeavors. They write and produce music that feels genuine to what they would want to be hearing on country radio and look forward to releasing even more music before 2020 is through.

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