Who Is Karley Scott Collins? The Story Behind Her Journey to Country Music

Who is Karley Scott Collins? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about her journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…

The Beginning:

Today our spotlight shines on newly signed Sony Music Nashville recording artist, Karley Scott Collins. She is an incredible vocalist with a talent for crafting heartfelt and personal lyrics. We enjoyed getting to know her and her story in this week’s interview.

Growing up in a small-town in Florida, Collins was all about the arts from day one. “I got started in music because I was an actress when I was younger,” began the singer. “When I was nine, I had got this audition and they told me I needed to learn how to play guitar for it. So, that was when I picked up my first guitar ever, and I just kind of just really fell in love with it, and pretty much never put it down.”

She recalls music being a constant in her household. “My dad would play rock music on the way to school,” shared Collins, later adding, “My Nana was playing a lot of country music when I was growing up like Willie Nelson.” Collins drew early inspiration from artists like Stevie Nicks, Guns N’ Roses, Bob Dylan, and even, Brooks & Dunn. She was inspired by the way artists like Dylan crafted a song.

“The second I picked up a guitar, I think everything kind of clicked for me […] As soon as I started to figure out how to put chords together, I started to write my own songs,” shared Collins. “My life started really focusing and revolving around music soon after that.”

The Turning Point:

Fresh out of high school, Collins started making trips to music city.“I started traveling to Nashville probably when I was around 18 and just kind of started meeting people and writing with people around here,” shared the singer-songwriter.

During one of those writes, Collins’ career began to blossom unexpectedly. “I was writing at a publishing company with a friend of mine and I played them a song that I wrote and the publisher happened to be walking by and overheard the song. I was offered a publishing deal there.” After she landed her publishing deal, the songstress continued to make connections and friends in the Nashville music scene.

“People have been really, really open to me and my music. I’m really proud to be a woman in music, that’s for sure,” shared Collins. Eventually, her hardwork paid off, and she landed a place on Sony Music Nashville’s artist roster.


With just two songs released under her label, Collins is already proving to be a star in the making. Her first release, “Heavenly” showcased her stellar songwriting and vocal ability. “Everyone has had a relationship like at the beginning of the song that really brings out the worst in you, and “Heavenly” is something that I have been wanting and really wanting at that time in my life,” shared the singer when asked about her debut song.

She later added, “I just really fell in love with that song, that day. […] It really just felt like what I wanted to step out into the world with as my debut. It really sounded like me.”

Her second song, “Tattoos,” which was released on just this Friday (4/1), is just as emotive and personal as her first song. Inspired by bittersweet memories, Collins continues to prove her artistry on this incredible new song. “Tattoos is something that I really relate to. It’s about loving somebody and not having them be a part of your life anymore, but still being stuck with all the memories you made with them,” she shared. “It’s a song that really means a lot to me and it’s really close to my heart.”

Fans can look forward to more new music comng soon from the blossoming new artist.


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