Who Is Grant Gilbert? The Story Behind His Journey to Country Music

Who is Grant Gilbert? The singer-songwriter joined us to chat about his journey to country music. Get to know the rising star here…


The Beginning:

In this week’s installment of our Spotlight Series, where we proudly introduce you to rising artists in country music right now, we shine our light on Grant Gilbert. The Texas native seems to be primed for success in the industry. He chatted with us about his blossoming career and his story so far.

Growing up in a small town of Santo, Texas, Gilbert’s focus was on family, sports, and music. “We have a family farm. I grew up working out there, playing sports, and grew up loving music,” shared the singer. He recalls, “Listening to my parent’s music is what made me fall in love with music.”

Gilbert gained an early appreciation for both Texas swing music, as well as, classic country. He also expressed a love for artists who blurred genre lines but leaned towards rock. “I really loved Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty,” shared the artist, adding later, “That’s what made me fall in love with that blue-collar country with the rock n roll guitars kind of feel.”

The self-taught guitarist continued to play both sports and music throughout his schooling “During high school, I played football on Fridays, and Saturdays I’d be playing some taco shop or any bar and grille that would let us play,” shared Gilbert.

The singer continued to play gigs in college while he attended Texas Tech in Lubbock.

The Turning Point:

Despite studying agriculture in college, music was a constant in Gilbert’s life. I was just playing around down there on Wednesday nights,” recalled the singer, adding later that he would play at fraternity parties, bars, and anywhere that would have him. “I kind of got a little bit of following, signed on with a booking agent, and just kept playing for anyone that would let us.”

While still in college and playing at a popular club called the Blue Light, Gilbert was able to meet some of his heroes, like Josh Abbott of the Josh Abbott Band. “I met Josh Abbott, who has been a big role model and mentor to me,” began the rising artist. “He helped me out and got me set up with a management company, and I was coming up here to write, and do anything I could to open up the doors.”

Eventually, with some encouragement, Gilbert started making frequent trips to Nashville to work on his songwriting skills and network with others in the music industry. “I started writing songs when I realized […] I was just playing all these cover shows and I was like well if I want to actually think about playing music myself, I have to write, so I just kept writing songs and writing songs,” shared the singer when asked about the early stages as a songwriter.

During one of his trips to Nashville, Gilbert was introduced to River House Artists and was subsequently signed to a publishing deal before returning home to Texas. “I am just so thankful to have a team that works hard for me and believes in me,” he shared humbly.


Flash forward to today, Gilbert is cranking out new music for fans, while he continues to build a name for himself in the country music stratosphere. Most recently, the singer dropped his most popular song to date, “She Goes Home (Dirty Breakup Song).”

A song about a girl getting screwed over after a breakup turned out to be an exciting changing of the tides for the newcomer. We wrote it. Me, Rivers Rutherford, and JoyBeth Taylor wrote it and we just sat down one day,” begins the singer. “We were like what are we going to write today and we were all kicking around some ideas, and I had this random idea for a song called “She Goes Home.”

The write turned into a huge success, with the trio even cutting an acoustic demo that same day. Eventually, River House Artists got wind of the song and decided Gilbert had to share it with fans. The song was shared on social media first as the “Dirty Breakup Song.” The track quickly picked up steam across social media platforms, and fans were begging for its release.

“It has been the most successful thing that I have ever put out to date,” shared the artist, as he continues to churn away at more and more music. “Every day we wake up and get on the phone and we say what can we do today to push the ball down the field.” Fans can expect a bunch of new music and some shows in the near future. Definitely keep Gilbert on your radar!


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