#WeTheFANS: Your Country Music Tailgate Essentials

We believe that the country music genre has the best fans in the world. Being a New York based outlet, we love representing all things country music in the big apple, but last week, we asked YOU, the fans, what are your top tailgate essentials are for the summer concert season.

1. Your Crew.
We always say that country music brings people together, and that could not be any more true with this answer! Matthew W. and Marvin W. agreed that getting your friends together is essential for having a fun tailgate.

2. Iced Cold Beer (or White Claw).
You can’t have a successful tailgate without some good drinks. Beer. White Claw. Drinks galore for all! Also, for good measure, make sure you have some water on hand too for those scorching hot summer days too. Jane E. recommends you bring an ice cooler to keep all your drinks ready to go at a moment’s notice!

3. Sunshine.
We might not have control of the weather, and a little rain is not going to keep tailgaters away, but sunshine is always preferred! A little bit of sunshine, and an ocean breeze at Jones Beach is always our favorite way to tailgate. Head to our calendar to check out all of the incredible shows hitting the beach this summer.

4. Good music.
Good music is sure to keep the good vibes coming all day and night! So turn up the stereo, bring some speakers, and jam to some country music before the show. Dina N. has “Friends in Low Places” and “Tennessee Whiskey” on her playlist. Head to our Spotify for more playlists to keep you pumped for the night to come.

5. A Good Attitude.
Leave your worries and your stressors at the door, and bring all the good vibes to the tailgate. A good attitude will help you make friends, get some free beers, and maybe even bring you some upgraded concert tickets from the concert gods. A tailgate is what you make of it, and we know that our NYCS fans have the best time!

Want more suggestions? Head to our list from last year here!

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