#WeTheFANS: The Traditional vs. Modern Country Music Debate

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We believe that the country music genre has the best fans in the world. Being a New York based outlet, we love representing all things country music in the big apple, but last week, we asked YOU, the fans, one of the most controversial topics that plague the genre: Which do you prefer, traditional country music or modern country music?

The answers may surprise you. Here’s what we learned:

1. Traditional country music is the root of country music.
We love this take on why a fan would prefer traditional country music over more modern country music. Even though they’re both good in their own right, according to Colleen B., you can’t have modern country music without the traditional stuff, and we could not agree more! Shanna V. also voiced her appreciation for the traditional side of country, sharing that it has her heart. Dina N. adds that “there’s nothing like traditional, songs that told a story!”

2. You can love both traditional country music and modern country music.
The majority of our followers could not choose between the two, and we totally understand why! For Margaret W., as long as the artist has that southern drawl in their voice, then she is sold, regardless of the type of country music they perform. She likes everyone from Glen Campbell to Maren Morris and Luke Combs! For Kelly S., she appreciates that country has “gone through so many changes in the last 100 years,” and can find good music in the genre in every decade!

3. Fans can prefer sub-genres of modern country music.
Fans surprised us by getting even more specific about their favorite type of country music. Jeff D. shared that Texas country music is his favorite, identifying artists such as Cody Johnson, Aaron Watson, and Kevin Fowler as some of his favorites. Tiffany E. shared that she enjoys underground country artists, which seem to be up and coming rising artists in the industry like HARDY, Jon Langston, and Meg Patrick. George L. added that artists like Brandi Carlile and Ashley McBryde in the outlaw country and Americana sub-genre are his jam.

4. There’s enough room for all types of country fans.
Most importantly, posing this question to our fans solidified what we already knew, there’s enough room for all types of country fans. Good music is good music, regardless of what it sounds like or what label we put on it. I hope we continue to live in a society, where music can be fluid, and we can be fans of both traditional country music, modern country music, and everything in between.

Keep on the look-out for our next question this week on our social media platforms, and let us know what you think! You just might be featured in our next post!



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